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New Soundclick Instrumentals

The new Soundclick instrumentals are here. "I Lied", "Salsa" & "Nevermind" ! More pop, rap and trap instrumentals are coming soon!

Freek van Workum – Soundclick Instrumentals

Freek has been a Soundclick member for a long time. Even though he’s not the most known online producer, he might be the most successful one. What other producer that sells Soundclick Instrumentals has sold millions of songs?

As part of music production duo "N4", Freek has been gaining music industry recognition. For instance, his production credits include "Hood Go Crazy" by Tech N9ne ft 2 Chainz & BoB, "Money And The Power" by Kid Ink & "In2" by WSTRN.

These 3 records were awarded with multiple gold and platinum plaques from the RIAA, BPI and ARIA.

Additionally, In December 2016, Freek produced 3 instrumentals on Tech N9ne’s album the "The Storm". Two of which were released as official singles. The album sold close to 40.000 copies in the first week independently and was a commercial success.

It goes without saying that none of these songs were Soundclick instrumentals. If you want exclusive beats for your project as well then contact me here.

About Freek’s Soundclick Beats

First of all, Freek offers a large variety of instrumentals you can buy. Obviously, you can lease beats from us as well. We offer 3 different leasing licenses. For example, you can buy a basic mp3 lease, a wav tracked out lease or an unlimited beat lease. Want the exact information? You can find the specific pricing and conditions in the Licensing Information table above.

Lastly, if the price of the beats on Soundclick surpass your budget let me help you. You can download a free instrumental here.

More Soundclick beats and rap instrumentals are uploaded bi-weekly so stay tuned!

Leasing Pop, Rap and Hip Hop Instrumentals

When you lease beats, it's important to know what you can do with them. Please do read the licensing information before purchasing beats. That way, we will both know what we can expect from eachother.

Also I offer various leasing packages for my instrumentals. This is very normal for producers selling rap and hip hop instrumentals on Sound Click. For instance, I offer basic mp3 leases, tracked out wav leases and even unlimited beat leases. The main difference lies in the number of song sales you can make with the license. Another important difference is the delivery file. For example, A basic lease is delivered in mp3 while tracked out wavs & unlimited leases are delivered in separated tracks.

Furthermore, please note that discounts are available. So take your chance, select a bulk deal and buy beats for cheap!

Lastly, I don't just sell leases. Exclusive beats are available as well. If you'd like to buy exclusive beats you can make an inquiry. You can find my contact information at the top of this very page. For miscellaneous questions and/or inquiries regarding my Soundclick beats please use the same email.

Now it's time to cop some fire beats and Make Some Hits!

soundclick instrumentals

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"What Its Gonna Be" is a smooth instrumental with hook that has trap and rnb influences. This is the type beat that is perfect to feature on as a rapper. A dope hook is already in place.
A SoundClick Top 50 song
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Money Call is a dark G Eazy type rap beat. However, G Eazy isn't the only artist this beat makes sense for. Drake hops on similar type beats all the time. For more G Eazy x Drake type beats see the link below!
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Wagwan is rap/reggae crossover in the style of Rihanna or perhaps Tory Lanez.
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"Lost & Found" is piano based G Eazy type beat with a sad vibe to it. I think this is the type beat for dark, deep and reflective lyrics.
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"4 A Minute" is a melancholic and somewhat sad beat in the style of G Eazy.
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"Salute" is what it would sound like if Migos and Yelawolf would collaborate. T
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Never Had is a dreamy yet inspiring Post Malone type beat
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Wake Me Up is a smooth Drake type rap/r&b beat with much commercial appeal.
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"Dolo" is a dark G Eazy type beat with a melancholic feel to it.
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"Fast Lane" is a banging trap beat. Migos would kill this. Hit potential!
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"Thank Me" is luxurious sounding mix between hip hop and trap.
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"Drippage" is a smooth instrumental you can hear various artists on. For instance, Drake or Trey Songz
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"Clap It" is a smooth r&b slowjam instrumental in a style that reminds of Chris Brown or usher.
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"I Wanna Know" is a smooth instrumental with hook that has trap and hip hop influences.
A SoundClick Top 100 song
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