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So first, we meet Steven Espinoza, known as “SE”. He, like most musicians, grew up with music all around him. His father played piano for the church choir and SE followed at a young age with the drums. There is where the similarities with other musicians and SE end. From that small boy watching and mimicking his father, grew a multi-talented artist, who can sing, rap, play drums and the piano, and can also compose music! Along the way, SE attended a Performance Arts School which gave him the foundation to grow with music as he did in life. He bought his first keyboard soon after and began producing MUSIC. The music wasn’t as good as he felt it should have been, so he abandoned that avenue and began rapping. SE performed at many Talent Shows and also wrote and performed the Redskin Anthem for his high school.

Next, we meet Brandon Kelly, known as “LP”. He also started out like most musicians. Coming from a family of ten, naturally, music was his outlet, his freedom. Again, the similarities end here. Keyboard classes soon came and the curiosity continued to pour out of him. He learned to read music and studied various composers and poets. The name LP actually means Lyrical Prophet, which seems to fit like a “T”. He began battle rapping in middle school then taught himself how to play the electric guitar. LP continued reading books and learning, a habit he picked up from his grandmother, who said, “If you want to hide something from a black man, put it in a book”. That advice stuck with LP from the moment he heard it, and knew that he would prove her wrong. To this day, LP is always studying up on ways to continue his growth.

When SE and LP first met, it was not the “duo at first sight” you’d expect from these two who work so fluidly together. LP was already known for battle rapping people from other schools, and when SE first approached him to record something together, LP was kind of leery since he didn’t know much about SE, who had now purchased more advanced equipment and discovered his talent did lie in producing MUSIC. Soon, LP received a sample CD of SE’s music and the two began exchanging ideas and rapping together on songs. It seems so simple, really, that these two would meet up and compliment each other the way they do. Since those days in high school, there’ve been others friends who offered ideas and raps, too, but “sometimes when you know this is your life, your passion, and you give your heart and soul to make it happen, you realize that not everyone will take the journey with you.” Says SE.

Showing how well they compliment each other, LP joins, “Can’t settle for less. Been there. Done That. It’s now or never, so there’s no time for coat riders.”

SE and LP have put out numerous mixtapes, and they’ve also had a few songs on the radio, like, “Work the Middle” and “Get you Stuck”. They’ve performed with artists like, TI, Akon, The Game and Twista. When LP was 15 he performed with Young Jeezy, one of the most relevant rappers out right now. But it’s what these guys have done since then that is amazing! Both have been studying and expanding their comfort zone. LP has been reading about Marketing and Promotions so they can keep moving forward. They’ve been listening to everyone from John Lennon to Led Zepplin to John Denver for inspiration. SE even sampled an old Nirvana Song and LP played the guitar! They are now looking at music from the 30’s which sounded so futuristic at the time, it was almost taboo. It’s kind of how they feel about themselves with the music they create...it’s so different, unique and yes, weird. But it’s so them, and the music is backed by these lyrics that challenge you to keep up and pay attention. Their music is like a lesson for any musician, it seems so simple, really, how they put space travel and futuristic robot sounds together and yet still talk about something. So much of music today tries to be complex but then the words only tell you about dance moves or hit phrases, but the music on SE and LP’s new CD Monsters and Robots paints the whole picture.

“The music, the vibe, the style, it’s just us! We’re already in the future with our ideas, and our music is straight from the heart. No gimmicks; instead of tricking people into liking our music, we connect with them”, says SE.

“It’s always a surprise with us, like where are they going to take it next? It’s like the anticipation of Christmas presents, that element of surprise. You think it can’t get better than this, and then, it does.” Offers LP

This ecclectic CD is a mix of “love songs”, up-beat “club” songs, and even a “City Anthem”, but done of course with their enthusiasm and not the traditional way.

While in California recently, LP slowed down for a moment and began taking it all in. The big lights, the expensive houses and cars, famous people... and what he came away with was another vision, another avenue: Clothing. He was inspired, so he simply began studying, learning something from everyone. His new line is called Flashbandit. It means, simply, Stealing the spotlight from others by being your own trendsetter; a separate entity than everyone else.

The ultimate goal, for both, is to continually seek success, always push boundaries, be bound by no bounds. One brings a new idea, the other brings it to life. Creativity in its purest form, turned into music. They want to make music that can be relevant in ten years but still grab your attention today, to leave a mark, and so simply, to just connect with someone.

Why this name?

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Do you play live?

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How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
i think its a very good change. It enables indi Proucers, like myself, to make money with out having to actually leave. I mean, its as simple as uploading a song, beat or whatever and then getting it sold.
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
Yes, if it was the right deal. I would not just sign any deal that comes my way but, i would sign a deal.
Band History:
Before Bricktown rec. It was just Me and my cuz KB doin this music. I knew nothing about makin a beat. I always wanted to rap, However, being involned in church nad playing the drums made me acustom to rhythms. Therefore you can say, i was breed and raised to make beat. Years went by and as me and my cuz started growing up we parted ways and i began to heavly make beats. By then i had aquired the equipment needed to achive gthe sound i was looking for. Soon after Me and Blaze(a early member of BRICKTOWN REC.) sat down and brainstormed a name for a record label. I came up with bricktown and he agreed to the name. After that we bagn recording countless albums thru the passing years. Since then the label had expanded and deflated numerous times. ads of today bricktown has myself(S.E trill), sin, lp,daze,petey g, steel, kb!! Everybody doin they thing on this music.
Favorite spot?
Equipment used:
Anything else...?
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