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Nanosphere Complex
Travelling One More Time
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Gentle ambient psychedelia, taking you deeper.
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innovative electronic music drawing influences from ambient, trip hop, trance, industrial and psychedelic music
Why this name?
The name "Nanosphere Complex" was stolen from the pseudo-scientific part of a 1990s cosmetics comercial.
Your influences?
My music's been compared to Can, Aphex Twin and "Brian Eno in a bad mood". They're all good reference points for what's influenced the Nanosphere Complex sound. Add John Cage, Cardiacs, Faust and Kraftwek and you're getting closer.

Basically, anything that grabs my interest musically, I'll probably try and emulate a little bit of it at some point.

The music I'm making at the moment (2013) is very much influenced by mindfulness practices, particular 5 Rhythms - a moving meditation designed to focus our attention not only on "what is", but also on "what is changing".
Equipment used:
A lot of my music is made in software environments such as Audiomulch, Granulab or Tuareg.

I also love synthesisers and effects pedals - when I have the opportunity to rig up my Korg Electribe EA1 with a bunch of pedals, then all manner of psychedelic noise emanates.
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