Corrie Vallance
Brimstone n Fire
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a Compilation of Video and Still pics to the sweet sound of Corrie Vallance & the DramaNots song, Brimstone n Fire
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Corrie Vallance and the DramaNots gathered and started performing Corrie Vallance's original music in May of 2011. Kimbuck, Lead Guitarists, Johnny (Spanky), Bassist, and Garrett Holloway, Drummer; immediately formed a unified sound. Their musical talents and charismatic personalities started gracing stages through several Northern California counties. Each member brings their own unique sound to the stage. Together they offer an energetic rock n roll sound. Playing originals and covers, this band is the one that can bring your venue to life!
Why this name?
Due to DRAMA in life that we all try and get away from.... we want folks to know that if you are out to listen to a rock band your really trying to LIVE Life and GET AWAY From DRAMA..... so we are the Drama NOTS!
Do you play live?
Love playing Live... Nevada County and Placer County mostly. Older projects have taken us out of our local area and we can't wait to revisit those venues with our new sound.
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
MP3 has changed the way music can be used, sold and shared... but not to worry, folks are always willing to monetarily support a band they truly relate with. Whether it be your look, sound, lyrics or personalities... the public will always go buy your CD to support your love for what you do.
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
absolutely... after my lawyers look over it :)
Band History:
Corrie Vallance has been writing and playing with several bands for about 8 years. The DramaNots is her most recent project. The band has a perfect flow together. You throw Corrie's ability to Rock and Roll her bold voice over and you have a unique sound that can turn anyone's head.
Your influences?
Love ALL Music, the freedom of expression... but James Brown, Eric Clapton, Jimmy Hendrix and Stevie Ray have to be a sensual tie to music for me. Love the blues... the root of all good music.
Favorite spot?
Don't know haven't visited them all yet.
Equipment used:
I play an Acoustic Yamaha as well as a Fender Electric. I have a VOX Pedal and play through a Black Heart amp...
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