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What You Come To Do
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Uplifting Mid tempo Soul Pop Gospel sing-a-long song with a Hip Hop twist. smokin rhythm guitar riffs, fiery horns and energetic vocals makes this song soar!!
Nights in Berlin
New School
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Garry Moore has a long musical history! A singer, songwriter, musician, and producer. He wrote his first song at age 12, and now has a catalog of over 600 songs. Garry began his musical journey at age 9 when his grandmother formed a gospel quintet of 3 cousins, a friend, and himself. He was the lead vocalist of the young group. Being influenced by the "Beatles" he picked up the guitar at age 10. His father also played which inspired him as well. As he grew older he sharpened his guitar skills listening to "Carlos Santana" "Jimi Hendrix" "George Benson" "Al Mckay" and other guitar greats. His gospel influences as a teenager were "Andrae Crouch" "The Mighty Clouds Of Joy" "Rance Allen" and "Edwin Hawkins" other musical influences were "Earth,Wind,& Fire" "The Commodores" " The Isley Brothers" and "The Jacksons" At age 19 (1979) he formed the group "Garry Moore & New Joy " They recorded their first (45) single the following year (1980) on the H.S.E. record label in Nashville Tennessee. 4 years later he and the group recorded their first Album (1984) with a change in the personnel and with a new name "FIRE POWER" The group "Fire Power" opened up for artist like the world renowned Grammy award winning group " The Mighty Clouds Of Joy" The group continued to do concerts and record in the studio during the 80's. in the early 90's the group "Fire Power" disbanded while in the midst of their 2nd studio album and the material was never released. In 1997 he recorded and released his first solo Cd album titled "You're Never Alone". He then followed up that project 4 years later in 2001 with a Cd album titled "Yahweh" which rendered the number 1 radio Hit Single "Come As You Are" Several songs from the Cd received heavy rotation also on college stations. "Finally, after a long hiatus of 8 years from the music scene "Paradise" was released by T.M.G in 2010. Garry's 4th Cd was released June 10th 2011 titled "A Blessing For You" which won him the Indie Music Award for "Best Male Gospel Artist" On October 22, 2012. He released his 5th Cd titled "Breakthrough" Which won him Best Gospel Music Producer Of 2013 for the song "God Is So Good" a Nomination Certificate Award for Best Album Of The Year. And a Nomination Certificate Award for being nominated 12 times in 11 categories. In 2014 he released his 6th CD titled "HERO" which the single "I Can't Live Without You" won him the Indie Channel Music Award for "Best Male Gospel Artist of 2014" In 2016 two songs from Garry Moore's album "Triumphant Volume 1" was nominated for 2 Indie Channel Music Awards. A song also Won The Akadeemia Music Award for Best Gospel Song, titled "You Get The Glory" All of GARRY MOORE'S music is available on itunes and all major mp3 stores worldwide!

Why this name?
It's obvious, it is my name!
Do you play live?
yes! I love to minister in song and perform on any stage of any size. whether 5 people are in the audience or 5000. it's an opportunity to touch, and change lives forever. To make an impact on precious souls for eternity, through the medium of Gospel Music!
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
It has definitly changed the landscape of the music industry. leveling the playing field across the the board. Independant artist as myself can be heard around the world with no limits. it gives us the opportunity to expand beyond one geographical area to the masses. creating endless Musical opportunities around the globe.
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
Sure, But only short term. I really dont want to be tied down to a major record label. However, i would consider it after weighing all the options carefully. I love having complete control over my Music, and i dont know how easy that would be to give up! ( SIGNED WITH A RECORD COMPANY AS OF 2010 )
Band History:

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Your influences?
Currently, The Lord! In the past, i've had many influences. Christian and secular. Early on it was my father who was a music fanatic. As a child, i use to love sitting and watching him play the different instruments he had around the house. Guitar, Piano, Saxophone, Trumpet, Congo's and ect... Music was in my blood stream at an early age. Other influences from age 7 to age 19 were "My Mother & Grandmother" "The Beatles" " James Brown" "The Mighty Clouds Of Joy" "Andrae Crouch" "Earth Wind & Fire" "Santana" "Edwin Hawkins" "Rance Allen" "The Jackson Five" "The Commodores" "The Average White Band" "Stevie Wonder"
Favorite spot?
Favorite City, Los Angelos ( Hollywood ) ... Favorite Spot, ( Home & Church )
Equipment used:
Fender Guitars / Yamaha and Rolland Keyboards / AKG and Sure Microphones / Tama Drums
/ Fender, Peavy and Rolland amps.
Anything else...?
The sole purpose of this site is to impact the lives of people around the world for eternity, through the medium of music to the praise and glory of almighty God!!!
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