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ADAGIO - Juan Pablo Zaragoza
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Composer, producer and guitar player Juan Pablo Zaragoza brings us music in divers exciting genres plus some titillating sound effects. His dramatic full orchestrations include audiovisual applications to innovative investigations into new and exciting sounds within contemporary electronic music. Juan Pablo says, "Composing is to paint with the air." His music has appeared in Film and Broadcasting, including productions by TVE, CAM, UA, MARQ, and others.
Band History:
Juan Pablo Zaragoza was born in Altea (Spain), on the shores of the Mediterranean, and took his inspiration from the light and colour of this land. He began his musical studies at the Conservatory of Music Oscar Esplá, Alicante, combining it with the experimental creation through the painting and digital video creation.
Juan Pablo Zaragoza continues studies in composition, orchestration, arrangement, production and computer music application to develop his work on film music compositions, and the development of new sounds in electronic and contemporary music.
The colours of the orchestra, voice, instruments, noises, everything that is capable of producing vibrations in the air and convey emotion, conform the palette sound of the composer, and tell us about the close relationship between the language of music and image.
With extensive experience as a consultant and manager in 1991, he created a study of music composition, production and postproduction, which he developed among other audiovisual personal projects, commissions for film production and broadcasting and many other entities in Spain.
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