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My name is dan and this is going to be my solo project page. I'm primarily a bass player but ive been learning other instruments and ive really gotten into recording. Im also in a few other bands however, one im drumming in a kind of jam rock band and the other is just me with one friend, cant really find a metal drummer. Im currently working on a concept album and have uploaded a rough mix of the track here. I currently have 2 more songs written and might write one more. Most of the music I upload will be prog metal from the likes of Opeth,Death,Rush,Dream Theater, Devin Townsend,Meshuggah, and planet X.(these are just some of the bands I listen to so im naturally influenced.) Im also really big in the jazz/jazz fusion with bands such as weather report,Charles Mingus, and Dizzy Gilespie.
Why this name?
idk just came up with it when i wrote this kinda 50's style tune with my upright bass last summer. its pretty lame!
Do you play live?
Maybe in the future ill just get a band of touring muscians but let me get my first album out.
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
I think it has helped underground bands start from nowhere and get noticed. It also has helped people illegally download mucis, but i think real fans buy music.
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
If i could get a decent cut and keep all my music probably. That will most likely never happen.
Band History:
well technically i first came up with the name last year but havent really done any solo stuff, i was just writing stuff for the band with me and my friend. However, i havent really done anything serious with him so im deciding to do my own solo album and try to record it on my home studio. If i can get a really good sound ill think about getting it mastered at a pro mastering studio and using something like tunecore to get it unto itunes and the like. Anyways im gonna try to record all the songs ive written in the past year and upload them here. not all of them will be on the concept album.
Your influences?
Opeth,Death,Rush,Dream Theater, Devin Townsend,Meshuggah,Protest the Hero,Cynic,Necrophagist,Porcupine Tree,Weather Repor,Cannibal Corpse, and planet X
Equipment used:
I use an ibanez 6 string bass, Elektra westone fretless bass, Yamaha 4string bass,6 and 7 string washburn guitar,M-audio fast track ultra interface,Guitar Rig 3, SD2.0 (DFH, SDVol 2. ,MF), KRK ROKIT 5's, several free vst's ive found,Toshiba laptop,HP a1250n,750GB external Hard drive, AKG Perception 220 mike, and Reaper 3.0.
Anything else...?
When i finaly release my concept album wish me luck!
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