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Drops Of Light
Drops Of Light
The Answer
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07/19/13 @ 11:50 PM     post a comment
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The first single from Phoenix Rising, the debut album for Drops of Light. Copyright 2013.
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Drops Of Light members in the songs on this band page are as follows:

Lu Ruello - Vocals, keyboard, guitar, bass, drums
Vince Ruello - Vocals, bass, guitar, drums
Jerry Picilli - Lead guitar
Nick Buontempo - Drums, vocals

All songs Copyright Drops Of Light 1987-2013.
Why this name?
Lu came up with it.
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
Yes. Bring it on!
Your influences?
Deep Purple, U2, Dire Straits, Eric Clapton, Jimi Hendrix, The Beatles
Favorite spot?
Sydney, Australia where else? :)
DOL Present
The Answer
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