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Hip Hop
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Dont Tell Me You Love Me
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Rain (Bryson Tiller Don't Type)
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play hi-fi  Brutal Hog by BPD
play hi-fi  Just noodling on the tele
play hi-fi  Flowery jam
play hi-fi  The Run
play hi-fi  Summer of '69 Bryan Adam's cover by BPD
play hi-fi  Fever
play hi-fi  Quick cover For Whom the Bell Tolls Metallica
play hi-fi  Europe's Rock the night cover by BPD (partial)
play hi-fi  Ac/Dc cover of TNT by BPD
play hi-fi  Cover of CREEP by BPD
No band, just a guitar hobbiest now days

Big Pig Dave
Why this name?
had a band practice at my folks house in the garage, folks came home early and up went the garage door and my mom's first comment after all the smoke came out and all the empty beer cans laying around was "y'all are a bunch of pigs!" - so Big Pig Dave is what the guys called me and it's stuck since the early 80's
Do you play live?
I have
Harley Rally in Germany 1997 was my last live gig as a member of Steele Reign
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
ease of access to material and material management and editing
this digital world in my opinion has made music writing/playing/recording/sharing a world of improvement. back in my day, it was vinyl and 8 tracks and NO INTERNET... so if you didnt get with a group of folks, you had a hard time making music if you didnt have access to a 4 track or studio time.

The control with electronic recording puts the artist(s) more in the driver seat... which can be a good and a bad thing
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
My glory days are done, I do it for fun
Band History:
Infinate Rage early 80's
The Pigs mid - late 80's
White Dog - 90 thru 92
Steel Reign 1996-1997

After playing and giving up guitar in 1997 (August), I went into Sound Reinforcement and Audio Engineering and started my own Sound Co. (Big Pig Audio)
Your influences?
Everyone from Funk, rock, metal, Blues, Blue Grass, Country... ect.. ect...
Favorite spot?
Anywhere North Carolina - Carolina is "home"
Equipment used:
ESP Gutiars
Peavey Amps and Guitars
EMG 81 pickup
Seymour Duncan Pickups (Duncan Custom 5 and Screamin Demon's TB-12's)
Fender picks
Vox Amplification
Jet City Amplification
Zoom G2G
Line 6 Tone Port GX/Audactiy/Gearbox
BC Rich Gutiars
Jackson Gutiars
Roto-Sound and Earnie Ball strings
Anything else...?
Here's a current gear list:

BC Rich Gunslinger Retro Yellow
ESP LTD GL500K Kamikaze
ESP LTD GL-200MT W/Duncan TB-12
ESP LTD GL-500T Tiger burst
Jackson DK2 Pro Custom Flame w/Duncan SH-14 Custom 5
Jackson Kelly JC20 Customized and highly modded

Peavey Windsor Half stack
Jet City JCA20 tube head / Vox VNT112 cab
Vox AD50VT 212
Smokey amp
Line 6 Tone Port GX

Zoom G2G Mr Scary Signature

DDaddario XL120\'s (for non floyd/trem gits)
Earnie Ball Pink Slinkys (on all trem/floyd gits)
Martin Medium picks
Fender Medium picks
Guitar Heads Chick picks
Dunlop strap locks
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