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play hi-fi  LOWNT MUSIC
play hi-fi  Do What You Wana Do(Lease $50 w/ hook)
play hi-fi  Sell it High Get it Low
play hi-fi  FREE ME
play hi-fi  Snap Shots
play hi-fi  745 (Prod. By Livewire & Nito Beats)
play hi-fi  Cash Cow
play hi-fi  I BE GETTIN CASH
play hi-fi  TRAP DREAMS
Why this name?
I chose my name because I heard someone spitting and when they said LIVEWIRE I said hmmmm that would be a good producer name. lol
Do you play live?
Everytime I drop I feel like its a special moment
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
I think the internet makes the music easily accessible
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
If the price is right and all the circumstances make BUSINESS sense
Band History:
The history is me. I am the band.
Your influences?
Someone can influence me by letting me hear good music but for the most part I get influenced by reading abot this music and watching videos
Equipment used:
Fl Studio, Resolv 65a Active Studio Monitors, and a Midi Controller
Anything else...?
Seriously don't ask can you get free beats the answer is NO NO NO keep it movin. I know I'm not Dr. Dre, Lex Luger, or Just Blaze but would you ask him for a free beat. All i ask for is respect.
$25.00 to lease ($50.00 w/ hook)
$200.00 for exclusive rights

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