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Back to china
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01/14/13 @ 02:05 PM     post a comment
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Back to china
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Hello Im a guy who is a quite different than other people and I enjoy to play with music in my own way therefore my music is in different categories.
I have always used what ever i come by as a tool to create music and most of my equipment are salvaged from old stuff found by dumbsterdiving , yes im a poor guy but knowledge let me do a lot of things without using a lot of money ;O)
If you want to know something about me , just ask , who is asking is the one who will know and knowledge don't come out of nothing so feel free to ask ;O

All the best from Kenneth , Astro3000 £ :o)
A little wise word --->

In English--->
It's better to be an original than a copy.
An Artist create new music , a musician just play others.
The artist are original and the musician are a copy :o)

In danish --->
Det er bedre at vaere original end et plagiat .
En kunstner skaber musik , en musiker spiller andres .
Kunstneren er original , musikeren er et plagiat :o)

Why this name?
The name hangs with me :o)
Your influences?
Good old 60 / 70 's music , blues , jazz , classic music ect...
Equipment used:
Kenneth : RickenBacker guitar , Peavey amp + alot of homemade equipment and gear :o)
???? Grey Zone ??????? dreaming back to china
Communistic March (single)
Mao Tse_Tung
COMMUNIST (electro) Good Side
Deep Space
COMMUNIST (rock) album
COMMUNIST (classic) album
COMMUNISM (electro)
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