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innovation Ent
NEWS   2011 is HERE and this is the YEAR for .seco

I made a resolution to make only fire this year...and considering this may be the last year for all of us as we know it I have no choice!!!

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play hi-fi  Rnb/Pop Instrumental
play hi-fi  Super Save a Ho
play hi-fi  Knockin Down Doe'z
play hi-fi  Own the Universe
play hi-fi  Holdin' you Near Me
play hi-fi  Metaphorically Speaking
play hi-fi  Till U in Da Grave
play hi-fi  Tried Me and Failed
play hi-fi  Only One Choice
play hi-fi  Web of Deceit

Striving to bring you the hottest ish you ever heard, I've been on a quest to overhaul some things. All beats for sell unless marked otherwise.

Prices: $*CHEAP*...enough
(Please email for purchasing information)
Only serious inquires please.

Why this name?
Because innovation is what I'm all about...

Not trying to make a quick buck by blatantly "biting" another producer. Uniqueness is all you will get from me.
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?

Only to grow as an artist..oh and get more money.
Band History:
I'm just trying to make the best music possible...I succeed a few times!
Your influences?
Jazzy Jeff
Mannie Fresh
Beats by tha Pound
Jazze Pha
Swizz Beats
Kanye West
DJ Screw
George Clinton
DJ Paul & Juicy J
Favorite spot?
Dallas, Tx - Where I'm from.
Equipment used:
Sounds (Too many sources to name)
Anything else...?
All songs are property of inn.ovation Ent. 2003-2011.