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play hi-fi  Liar
play hi-fi  Anti World
play hi-fi  Branded
play hi-fi  Dead At Dawn
play hi-fi  The Art Of Dying
play hi-fi  Bloodshed
play hi-fi  At The Abyss
play hi-fi  Coma
Infected are a metal band from Sinzig, Germany, who label their unique style as Modern Death Metal. Up to now, the 5 friends released 2 EPs titled “Branded“ and “Coma“. Infected was founded in 2004 and only had a few changes in their line-up, since they are all committed to their friendship and love to play music.

They play Modern Death Metal, which means elements of progressive music and ballads are reflected as well as rough death metal, often all of them in one song. A trademark of Infected are the vocals of singer Nico, who changes between aggressive growling and screaming and a clean singing style, reminiscent of HIM's Ville Vallo.

They gained reputation by playing a lot of gigs, their show is a blast, and the 5 friends always push the pedal to the metal!
Do you play live?
YES! Loads of gigs and special moments :)
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
We enjoy the internet ourselves and released all our recorded songs under Creative Commons (i.e. free download and sharing), since we're convinced that this way allows us to spread our music to a broad range of people
Favorite spot?
Favourite venue: Rasthaus B9 :)
Equipment used:
Dean Dimebag Razorback ML Explosion, Boss GT-6, Fame Overkill, Fame 4x12"

Tama Starclassic Performer, Paiste und Sabian Cymbals, Iron Cobra DB

Ibanez BTB 470, Hartke HA 3500, Hartke 4.5XL 4x10"/1x5"

SP SV Standart Black, ENGL Blackmore Signature, Randall RA 412 XL 4x12"
Anything else...?
link us / add us / follow us :) If other bands add us we'll add them too, support the underground!
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