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Monk Wilson is a singer-songwriter of tremendouos lyrical power. His words are strong enough to make us think. The music will grab you and fill you with emotion. The end result is the need to hear his debut CD, Hillbilly & Gypsys, again. Monk Wilson's songcrafting borders on the genius.
Wilson began his musical career at 12 years of age, playing drums for a pretty-faced, almost pretty good rock and roll band. Fortunately, or unfortunately, his parents and his music did not co-habitate easily, so within three years Monk switched to the acoustic guitar and began writing songs, figuring it was just as easy to write a song as it was to learn someone else's.

Within five years, Monk moved to Austin, Texas where he spent the next ten years experimenting with multiple musical forms. This would ultimately lead to the sound that has become uniquely his signature - "Monk" music was born. He learned that silence is the perfect sound, and space in music is as critical as are the notes. Words and sounds are one and the same and to separate them is to ask for a security that the freedom of music is not meant to offer. Martin Fullington, editor of Music Review Quarterly says of Wilson, "Good art generally comes from those who stretch the edges of expectations, and this is good art."

Wilson's next musical stop would lead him to Boston where he had six highly creative years of exploration, performing, writing and bouncing ideas off the Stone Soup poetry group. This basically laid the foundation for future endeavors. Along the way, Monk has spent time in the desert, living in a barn and occasionally sleeping in unlocked cars, always knowing that something was really happening to him.

Abruptly, Wilson retired, moved back to San Antonio, got married, built art sculptures, painted, sold his artwork and paid his rent on time before beginning to write songs again. As if by fate, Tangible's president and Wilson were brought together by a mutual friend. While Wilson sought a reason to resume his music career, Tangible was was in search of a dynamic and eclectic writer without regard for musical style or category. After all, music is music, and brilliance is brilliance. Both found what they were looking for. Six months in the making, Hillbillys & Gypsys is a collection of work that is clearly Monk Wilson and worthy of being experienced.