*NEW* .:: Dream ::. (Rick Ross Type Beat)
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Miranda lee
(((NEW)))Wake Up *** August Alsina/Drake***
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play lo-fi play hi-fi  Come Inside
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Music is my passion. It is my form of expression and simply the way I, exhale...

Who am I? Flip threw the pages/layers of the book of "MY EMOTIONS" where the hands of time stand still & you will find

MY pen in black ink (written in stone) never lies...
Therefore , I am.....
...to depth of my core in the pages inbetween...
MY "TRUTHS" ..My wrights.. My wrongs..My paines.. My gaines..My scars..MY heart..MY sleeve and My soul with all its magnaminity flowing on to each page.... Life's lessons, Trials, tribulations, acceptance, forgiveness, knowledge, clear view....


Time. Respect. U. Trust. Heal

Sincerely yours,


Why this name?
Simply Me....Miranda Lee ; )
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