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Until the Deed is Done
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No, it's not about real's hard to change how you feel about someone, even though that person has done you wrong! You can't just change it, it has to change naturally with time.
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Wade Farlowe
March 15, 2008
Incityous Interloper
Fri May 29, 2009
Country : Traditional Country
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Until the Deed is Done
Saturday, March 15, 2008
Wade Farlowe

(capo on 1st fret)

In this old dark, cluttered room
I have shed my heart in gloom
Just waitin' for things to blame
In the time of my life
I've only grown, losin' my wife
Just hopin' for things to change
But change won't come
Until the deed is done

You can see in this weary face
A man somewhat out of place
Just thinkin' 'bout days gone by
In the soul of this man
There lay no special plan
Just wishin' for the reason why
But change won't come
Until the deed is done

You can sophisticate your life
Change it though struggle & strife
Just changin' won't get it done
I'm bearin' no ill will
Of that, I've had my fill
Just believin' the change will come
But change won't come
Until the deed is done

Through a frosted window pane
That old moon shines down his claim
Just passin' through a painted sky
If these old dark thoughts depart
When He's tried to lift my heart
Just sheddin' my thoughts of why
But change won't come
Until the deed is done

When this night has paid its due
My thoughts 'll drift back to you
Just prayin' it won't be the same
In the rift of my dreams
I pour over all your schemes
Just lovin', I'll take the shame
Just livin', I'll be the blame
But change won't come
Until the deed is done