Wade Farlowe
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Born at an early age, I was just a kid at the time....from there memory escapes me, until 2000 or 2001 when I decided to teach myself guitar. In order to teach myself guitar, I took to writing songs. From there, I added bass and occasionally, harmonica and a small touch of electric guitar. Not much of a performer, but I love to experiment writing songs. So, it's nine or ten years into it so far....and I've only scratched the surface with tons to learn. Maybe, you'll find something you like on the nearly three pages, I've loaded so far....Comments are welcome, I don't expect all comments to be favorable, but objectively constructive.

I make no claims of being a performer....I just give it my best with what little that I've taught myself both musically and in songwriting. All songs are either written, played and sang by myself or my attempt at covering a song by my favorite artists.
Why this name?
Came with the birth certicate and drivers license....
Do you play live?
Better than the alternative....but, no...not in public.
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
It's just a way to cut down on expensive artists and contracts, but it does give folks a shot at getting their music heard by someone, somewhere, somehow.....
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
I doubt that would be up to me......
Band History:
Born, lived somewhat, and hopefully, will leave some good thoughts behind someday....

All the good folks at SoundClick have been very kind to me and have both supported my songs and offered encouragement in comments. However, I welcome all comments; both positive and negative, after all this all is just a learning process and I learn from any comment. After all, comments are observations and no one person sees necessarily, everything to consider. Therefore, the more comments, the better. Feel free to say what's on your mind and I'll learn from what you have perceived and commented. Thanks to All!
Your influences?
Hank Williams Sr., Bob Dylan, The Beatles, and hosts of others in all genres.
Favorite spot?
Home, but I haven't found it yet....
Equipment used:
Martin HD28V, Martin D28, Epiphone EJ-160E/VC, Rickenbacker 4001 C64, Ibanez AGS83B-ATF-12-01, Honer Piedmont Blues Band Harmonica Set
Anything else...?
Yeah,.....there's not enough time in the day or night anymore! My day job seems to have domination of my life!
The Poor Soul, Jackie Gleason
Man in the Moon with DrumnJon
Messin' With You
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