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Luka Sicks
NEWS   What up y'all? It's ya boy Luka Sicks aka All-Star aka Comanchi-Lu the front runner of the click. I'm workin on a few projects right now and basically all the tracks i'm gonna be droppin on here are gonna be rough draft/demo versions for feed back. This is just my way of keepin my fans and new listeners up to date wit what i'm workin on. Let me know what you're feelin or not!
East Coast
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"AIR! OKAY! It's ya boy!!" Hear that on a track and you know something amazing is gonna follow. That's the trademark of the hottest new artist coming out of the island of Bermuda.
Luka Sicks, better known by friends as "All-Star" and also more commonly known as Comanchi-Lu, is the first artist coming out of the Cedar link Music camp. He's here to bring a breath of fresh 'AIR' to the game. The eccentric mc/producer brings a style of his own and is ready to be heard on a major scale.
Why this name?
I have no idea honestly...i've had so many different aliases and nicknames for so long, i guess Luka Sicks is a compilation of all of them!< ok honestly i do know n i decided to break it down for y'all> i started off originally as Comanchi/L.U and literally wrote as two different people (had 2 different rap books, used to battle n all dat lol) yea it's weird but it should explain alot. "Comanchi" was the ill steez battle rappin grimey str8 hip hop side and L.U. was the more mainstream type side but when i did the battle thing the stuff i wrote for "L.U." always ended up way more grimey and when i blatantly tried to write the mainstream stuff it just never worked. So from there i just put em together "Comanchi-Lu" and ran wit that for a good 7-8 years. Sometimes when freestyling i would just slip the extra syllable in after my name to fit the flow and that's where the "ka" came in, but i never wrote it i always just used to say it alot. Then i saw the movie Bella Mafia and it had a character named Luka Corolla and so Young Luka Corolla became my aka for a minute (i got the spelling of Luka from the movie credits and it made sense of me sayin "ka" after my name all the time) dude was just crazy in the movie and i guess i related. I was in living NY for a minute and drank nothin but 40's of OE but when i got back to Bermuda they didn't sell it so i started drinkin Coronas. After a while the liquor store dude started callin me "Corona" so i switched the "Corolla" to Corona. I drank em like water like all day everyday in my hood and one day one of my niggas was like "one Corona aint sh*** u need like a six pack of Corona" hence Luka "six pack of" Corona which is where the six came from i just decided i'll spell it like sick wit a S at the end; Young Luka aka Luka Sicks. i just dropped the "Young" recently cuz it was just too common for rappers to be "Young" somethin. I still go by it on the beats yea...that's where i got my name. and that's why i never explain it to anybody cuz it takes maaad long and aint that serious! lol The End.
Do you play live?
Nowhere on a regular basis but i have before. My main performance stage is the hood! my niggas are my biggest fans. My most memorable performance was a few years ago opening at a dance competition. I tore it the place up! I think that's when i really said "This is what i wanna do!" That crowd control is such a rush yo!
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
The internet make it a lot easier for artists to get their music heard. it also makes it a lot more competitive too in my opinion because there's so many options out there now.
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
Sure i would! Independent seems like a good way to go now days tho...
Band History:
I've been rhyming since around 96 but i've pretty much doin music in one way or the other all my life.
Your influences?
i think my biggest influence is just my life and my personality. I don't really try n emulate anybody else. Some artist that sort of inspire me though, are Busta Rhymes, Biggie, Jay-Z, Slim Shady, Kanye West and Ludacris' intensity...i guess.
Favorite spot?
My favorite spot in the world is NYC. i just get inspired whenever i'm there. Living there really honed my skills as a rapper.
Equipment used:
My voice! this aint about my beats its about my rhymes! holla at the Cedar link Music page! lol
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