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Born and raised in the ‘Auk Chuen (housing estates)’ in Shatin, rapper Kwokkin stepped into the hip hop game in ’02. The MC caught the bug when he started listening to underground rap and felt that he could transform the flows into Cantonese. Soon, he formed a partnership with a young beat-maker Dennis Zee. The duo named themselves “Counter-Attack.” Kwokkin’s flow fired through the Internet, gaining a good reputation by doing quality collabos with overseas MCs from France, Japan, Canada and some local rappers. In ’04, Counter-Attack met up with Ghost Style who saw potential in the two. Kwokkin was then featured in Ghost Style’s ’05 release “Message Is Complete.” Later, Kwokkin agreed to join Ghost Style’s Rebel Studio. Since then, Kwokkin has been bringing his direct, potent lyrics to live shows. The MC/beat maker has performed at such events as Nike’s “Chamber Of Fears”, a handful of stage shows, Macau’s annual music festival “HUSH” and also has a cameo appearance in the director’s cut DVD of Alive’s “The Heavenly Kings” movie. Kwokkin is a Hong Kong rapper, a fan of hip hop culture and hopes to represent fully for Cantonese rap. His topics are about society, with is distinctive voice flowing over dramatic music. Maybe some can call him a conscious rapper. This MC has his own style of rapping which is unique in Hong Kong. Already Kwokkin has amassed a collection of songs that he hopes to release soon. Support this kid, watch out for him and enjoy his music!
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