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NEWS   BrodaFin has posted songs from their two recent two EPs. "Brodafin's Blue-Eyed Soul" includes Heart Trap, You Make Me Lose My Mind, Come on Over Baby, Never Let You Go, and others. "British Brodafin" includes Cry Baby, Cry At Night, It's Late, and others.
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play hi-fi  When We're Married
play hi-fi  Islanders-My True Story w/ musical accompaniment
play hi-fi  Doo Wop - Baby Dont Go
play hi-fi  Black Eye
play hi-fi  Please Don't Leave
play hi-fi  Evon
play hi-fi  Christmas To Remember
play hi-fi  Back In Astoria
play hi-fi  Cryin Blues (Live)
play hi-fi  Ill Be Gone (Live)
BrodaFin is a basement band from Central New Jersey USA that writes and records original songs in various styles, like Indie, Urban Smooth R&B, Blues, and Rock of all types.
Do you play live?
Well, does during recording count? Probably not, so ... no.
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
Its evolution, just like always. If you stay stuck in the past you die. Embrace the change and make it your road to success.
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
Band History:
BrodaFin began as a live band performing in New York and New Jersey. Now BrodaFin limits itself to writing and recording, and sharing with the SoundClick community.
Your influences?
Who hasn't been an influence! From the early blues artists like Muddy Waters, to the Rock n Roll giants like The Beatles, to groups like Cream, Pink Floyd, the Blues Brothers (no kiddin'), the Pretenders, Billy Joel, and on and on.
Equipment used:
Love the classic 1965 Gretch guitar. But also use SoundX electronic drums, Yamaha keyboard bass and acoustic guitar, a new Dean electric guitar, and a nice pedal board.
Anything else...?
Don't need no stinkin' recording studio... Basement setup has a Dell PC, Cubase software, EMU interface, KRK Rokit monitors, Altec Lansing headphones, various microphones, and all the other stuff that sucks bucks out of your wallet but are key to making sweet music.
Jim Jr.
Jim Sr.
The Band
Basement Recording Studio
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