Petit Moineau
Mar 18, 2012
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Petit Moineau
Rain (Bryson Tiller Don't Type)
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Laura Tattoo and Ron Walker hope you enjoy their music on Sounclick!

Welcome to the world of Petit Moineau, Laura Tattoo, who wants to tell you a story you won't soon forget. Visit her blog Moineau en France for poetry in English and French: Laura is also the melodymaker of the team.

Musical arrangements and instrumentation by Ron "Magic Fingers" Walker, also known to early fans as "Dr. Wong"... he'll swing you into the sunset with his incredible left-hand bass and beautiful chords.

We are featuring some of Ron's instrumental music on Soundclick. Ron wrote music for film and video for many years, and you can really hear that influence in his songs.

We're experimenting together and solo. Come fly with us, bebe!
Why this name?
"Little Sparrow" was a name given to me at the tender age 13. After I learned to speak French, I began signing my name as "Petit Moineau". I learned several years later that Petit Moineau was a name given affectionately to the great Edith Piaf. Ron loves sparrows, especially this little one. :>>))
Do you play live?
We love to play live. Ron plays solo every weekend in restaurants and bars across Clatsop County, which is the northern most county on the Oregon Coast. It is situated on the majestic Columbia River separating Oregon and Washington State. He's developed a fan base at several venues.

I do a bit of poetry reading and stand-up around my poems.

Ron and I also have played the music we've written together, songs that use my poetry as a base; we then collaborate on the music, often writing and recording extemporaneously, both the music and poetry! We love it, although I am severely limited in how much I can do "live" as the result of a chronic pain and autoimmune disorder called me-cfs.

Our most special moment was simultaneously writing and recording "My Blowgun Is My Best Friend"; it was as if we were reading each others' minds. The improvisation really blew us away and subsequently led to other "live" collaborations.
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
The internet is changing the industry in big ways as control of music recording and electronic instruments are moving music back into the hands of the people who create it, equalizing the landscape for musicians and poets alike. A variety of streaming and downloading venues have brought the price of music way down and made it accessible, while prices for live concerts has risen as a form of compensation. Hopefully, the fuzzy copyright edges of the internet will eventually become clearer and make it a safe place for everybody's music, but I do believe we are going to have to give a lot of music away, not to mass fraudsters but to fans. There are still ways to make good money, such as concerts and performances. And your fans will still buy the cd.
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
Sure why not? But what major label is going to sign a funny-looking bilingual poet? Of course, I'd be thrilled if Ron were signed and he deserves it. Ron wrote for 15 years for the Film Loft, the premiere film production house in Portland in the 1980s, directed by filmmaker George Hood. Ron's music is featured on many Oregon productions of this period, including the visitors center at Mt. Saint Helens, Encyclopedia Britanica films and the Portland Zoo. He is currently on the faculty of Clatsop Community College, teaching piano, flute, guitar and drums. He also teaches music to the physically and developmentally disabled and occasionally stops into the Clatsop Care Facility to cheer up the elderly residents. What a guy. Lucky me. And lucky any label that would sign him.
Band History:
I've been writing poetry all my life and Ron has been writing music all of his. Our collaboration was a natural outgrowth of our love and friendship, which began in August, 1993. I write, maintain a poetry blog and perform my poetry when I am able, Ron does his own thing with music, composing instrumentals and playing keyboards and piano in local bars and restaurants. He also teaches piano and flute on the faculty of our local community college and gives private lessons to children and adults. When we do come together, we have a lot of fun and come up with some pretty OFF-THE-WALL ideas. Night owls (oiseaux de nuit) we are most definitively.
Your influences?
Film music, romantic composers and jazz are some of Ron's passions. The late, great Alain Bashung is my all-consuming love; I've been translating all his songs from French to English to bring them to a wider audience. After that, there's Leonard Cohen, Kate Bush, Jim Morrison, Sekou Sundiata... Our theme song could well be "First We Take Manhattan, Then We Take Berlin"! Ron also loves Booker T & the MGs and Billy Larkin, anything Hammond, and Debussy and Tchaikovsky. Very eclectic!
Favorite spot?
PARIS, bien sûr! Ron has wanted to go back to Japan since the day we left for three weeks of romance while helping to deliver my grandson; I loved it there too, and t's a great place to play music. The Japanese people love the French language almost as much as I do. :>>))
Equipment used:
Voice, Native Instruments Symphonic Orchestra, Cubase SX3, Yamaha DX11 and DX21, Ensonic ESQ16, Yamaha QY70 sequencer, pedal steel guitar, electric guitar and bass, flute, vibraphone, piano, rhythm instruments.
Anything else...?
Please come visit my blog Moineau en France at! There is a lot of interesting French music on the site and poetry in both English and French. Something for everyone, I hope.
Alain Bashung - L'arrivée du tour
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