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Aaron Bewza
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Hey I'm Aaron, hope you like my music. Check out my music site I've built HERE if you want, it plays the same songs but its simpler to use: There is a big old "START" button when you enter the site.
If you like my music you can buy it. That, in turn, will help me pay for the stuff I'm using to build it, allowing me to continue building it. After all, if it was not for the developers of the things I use to create my music, there would be none at all. Email me for prices, I'm also open to letting people use my music for their own projects, please email me to find out the necessary criteria. Thanks!
Why this name?
hmm tough one. racked my brain for months on it, hired a snap team of dedicated name-producing professionals, and searched the entire internet for ideas... and I settled for "Aaron Bewza".
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
I would prefer to keep my opinions about that away from this page. If you are interested in my views on this subject, please visit my blog at:
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
No. They are simply NOT as they appear. They would have you think they own music. There are too many souls being compromised with the lifestyles and idolatry that is presented through their globalist antichrist agenda. But like I've said, I prefer to keep those things in my own blog.
Band History:
From "before the foundation of the earth"... He's known me.
Your influences?
My life as a (recovered) addict and my experience on the streets have given me an appreciation for many genres of music. I intend to cross many lines as far as "genres" are concerned.
Don't "expect" anything because you won't get what you expect. I've already expected that you would expect something linear in genre style... and because I don't like to be bored listening to music, I don't build it in a boring linear manner. I build it in a way that I like and if you can't stand it, listen to something else. If you think it's bad news to include cello with screaming guitars, then I'm definitely bad news.
Favorite spot?
Happiness, and I lost the map.
Equipment used:
All of it.
Anything else...?
Oh yah! Lots. But for now, you could visit both my websites and learn a LOT more about me through those... they are:
(I'm a tattoo artist)
(and a musician, obviously)

Aaron's Web Design (under construction)
(and a web designer)

Computer by Aaron (nice graphics card required)
(and a computer tech)

Aaron's Forum (a "No Facebook" zone!)
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