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Hip Hop
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Ricky Rack
May 15, 2009
Ricky Rack
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Hip Hop
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play hi-fi  Ricky Rack - She's got it 987065
play hi-fi  Ricky Rack - She's got it
play hi-fi  Ricky Rack - Rockin on a highway
play hi-fi  Ricky Rack - My star
play hi-fi  Ricky Rack - My angel 659590
play hi-fi  Ricky Rack- Sex in the matrixxx
play hi-fi  RiCky RaCk - She Rocks
play hi-fi  Ricky Rack - She Got It
play hi-fi  Ricky Rack - Special Girl
Whattup everybody my name is Ricky Rack im born in South America.(25) now
And since 2004 ive moved to The Netherlands to follow my dream as a track&field runner but due to circumstances i've changed my leading way to become a Artist.,
So I started in 2006 in a small group called (The Willemstarz )
The group first started out producing underground rap songs in the Native language spoken on Curacao, but later on when I arrived
Ricky Ya Neighbour Rack
(singer/rapper/songwriter/producer/entertainer/co-choreorapher/mc etc etc.
Joined, the crew emergered with a new sound mix of hip hop and R&B. Unfortunately due to circumstances I've departed form the group in 2007 an when for my Solo Career as and Upcoming Artist. Picked up the hardest way to learn everything from a scratch so i can make myself The Artist in the future wich im in process now.
Why this name?
Hmm thats the Name im Born with and i thought it rhymes so ill stick with it as an Artist name 2 haahaha :)
Do you play live?
ive performed 4 times since 2008/2009 febr but my focus now is on my album wich im working hard on,, a new sound for music the Future I call it
and off course i like performing its ma life :) yeah when i got the mic in ma hand and everybodies singing ma songs with me live :)
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
yes it changes the industry cause , u dont need to buy cd's anymore and thats on the negative side for an artist but at the same time u can download it on the internet 2 so im cool with it :)
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
Yes Offcourse!!!
thats my Biggest Dream im working On since the day im born and discoverd what god has put in me
Band History:

Your influences?
yeah im Into everything that sounds good and wich i can relay 2 as an artist
RnB/Pop/House/Rock/Country/ just name it it sounds good im On it with passion

and my Music Influence is , i always say im Michael Jacksons apprentince (dancing/performing/Singing)

But got my own style ull hear it it my music
Favorite spot?
Equipment used:
My Vocals and My Baby Richwood Electric Guitar ... and soon Piano to upgrade in all areas
Anything else...?
just a bit sad that ive noticed in ma late years (22) that i can make music
but im 25 now and it aint late never late 4 the Hardest worker ,,, always
no mather what, there's a last chair in the class 4 the Hardest working student

Trust in God
Ricky Rack

Ricky Rack
Ricky Rack & Ya Neighbour
Ricky Rack
Ricky Rack
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