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play lo-fi play hi-fi  Do or Die :Live(With Gnassty)
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Self taught guitarist Tariq (correct spelling:-Tharek) formed Osckilo in 2009.

He noticed that members of a friendship group had equal interest in music, and devised a new pass time.....

Tharek Mokbul
(lead/Bass/rhythm guitar vocals/lyrics and composition)


The Osckilo Sound "Varies"..... Lol

Why this name?


Cat's got my tongue with that one.......
Do you play live?
Can Do!

Buy us a ticket and we'll go anywhere!

Most of our stuff is recorded playing live!
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
It got us recording our stuff!

The Site let us find our feet!
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
Anyone got a pen........?
Band History:
-Track List-

Freedom(Twelve string performance)
Music by
Tharek Mokbul

Good bye for now
Music by
Tharek Mokbul and Kia Heller

Robots Cant Dance
Music by
Kai Heller and Tharek Mokbul

A Time and Place
Music by
Mokbul and Heller

Just You
Music by
Tharek Mokbul
Lyrics an vocal by Terry L Pitcher

Music by
Mokbul and Heller

Music by
Mokbul and Heller

Music by
Mokbul and Heller

Music by
Mokbul and Heller
Drums by
David Morrison

Macaroon (Improvised jam session)
Music by
Mokbul and Heller
Drums by
David Morrison

In the Cold
Music by
Mokbul and Heller

Music by
Kai Heller

Back to Earth
Music by
Mokbul and Heller

Clang on (Just for fun and not commercial use)
Music by
Tharek Mokbul

All rights reserved to respective artists involved in each production

----Osckilo 2009----

Hear all our stuff, Even test material with reviews on
Your influences?
North-east london life

Celtic folk

Arabic folk


Drum and base/Jungle
Favorite spot?
Ag Nic (Crete) Greece......Great Honeymoon!
Equipment used:
Boss Micro BR

Guitars, Synths and drums......

The bathroom!!!!
Anything else...?
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The Trial
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