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The Stingerz!!!
Standin' On Shakey Ground
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The Stingerz perform 'Standin' On Shakey Ground' at 'The Centre'

Wes Terry, Drums
Todd Yanez, Bass
Tim Logan, Guitar
Kenny Luter, Guitar
Archie McLeod III, Guitar, Bass, Keys and Vocals
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Hey Everybody!!

We are The Stingerz Band And Revue. We are one the hottest up and coming show bands in Northeastern NC. We perform a unique blend of music ranging from R&B, Beach, Country, Pop and Rock. The Stingerz are:

Rob Brown, Philedelphia, Pa. - It all started for Robb at age 7 when Motown and the Beatles inspired him to start playing the guitar, During high school, he took lessons and begin playing blues and rock in local bands. Twenty years later, Robb anchors the Stingerz Rhythm Section with a solid guitar style and smooth vocals. Playing gigs, jamming and exploring all types of music are still his passion.

Tim Edwards, Roanoke Rapids, NC. -Tim (known to the band as "T-2") lays down that driving bass force that moves the whole band and anyone listening-keyword being"moves"! Tim's talent and musical intrest spans all genres and he's regarded as one of the best bass players on the east coast. When Tim tunes up, get ready!!! "The Axe Man Cometh-And you Will Feel The Groove".

Tim Logan, Washington, DC-Lead Guitar Tim (known as T1) brings 30 years of lead guitar experience which enriches any genre the band is performing. Generally quiet spoken, he let's his vintage, classic guitar speak for him. Over the years, those who hear Tim's flawless and distinctive personal lead style (including other professional musicians) say that he is "simply the best"-nuff said.

Archie McLeod III, Fayetteville, NC-Keyboard, Guitar, Bass and Lead Vocals. Known to all as "Dr. Music", Archie is the consumate, professional and complete musician. With a Master's Degree in music, in his less than public job as a school music director, he is accomplished on virtually any instrument including woodwinds, brasswinds, strings, percussion, guitar/bass and piano/keys. He is also a composer and writer of several of the songs that the Stingerz perform. He's a great instrumentalist and one of the lead vocalist in the band.

Wes Terry Jr., Colonial Heights, Vs.- Drums, Percussion, Lead Vocals. Wes is the "Senior Citizen" of the band with 40+ years of experience on the "skins". He believes that when he grows up, he wants to be a drummer in a rock and roll band! When asked what makes the Stingerz Band and Revue such an outstanding cover group, he replies; "They're all fantastic musicians in their own right. But what makes us so tight is that this is truly a Band Of Brothers."
Do you play live?
We hail from Northeastern, North Carolina not far from the Virginia line. It's like living in a poem; "We like calling North Carolina Home>"
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
It has afforded a lot of independent artist an inside track to the industry that heretofore would have taken years and lot's of money to acheive. Definitely get's you a lot of exposure.
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
Maybe, but i think we all like not having to be "pigeoned holed" as to what we do. We can "play music for music's sake."
Band History:
The Stingerz have gone through several reicarnations as a band and we are still evolving. Music is at the heart of who we are and that indentifies us through our unique sound and performance. History? LOL We aren't quite "history" yet.
Your influences?
Anyone and everybody who make good music. We are the "Sponge Bob" of the adult music world. LOL
Favorite spot?
Any place on the planet thaty we can let you hear us play!
Equipment used:
Archie's Gear-Numerous guitars by Fender. Peavey, Gibson, Dillion and Others. Amps by Peavey, Line 6, Carr and Yorkville. Keyboards by Roland, Ensoniq and Yamaha.

Wes's Gear- Drums by Rogers; Cymbals by Zildjian and Paiste

Tim (T1)- Fender Guitars and Fender Amps

Robb- Fernades Guitars and Line 6 Amps

Tim (T2)- Ibanez Guitars, Fender and Ampeg Amps/Cabs
Anything else...?
We are having a blast! So come and join the fun. Experience The Stingerz Band and Revue at a venue near you!
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