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Devon Karoff
Pogo Stick (Danny Brown type beat)
Hip Hop
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play hi-fi  osore
play hi-fi  earwax
play hi-fi  lens flare
play hi-fi  that rug really held the room together
play hi-fi  copporn
play hi-fi  dark matter
gltiched out, minimal, ambient electronic music from chicago..... teamabunai.org/oao
Why this name?
i got sick of trying to think of a good name so went with the letter combination i liked the best
Do you play live?
yes, mostly chicago but whenever i can travel i do
Favorite spot?
kyoto, japan
dunmore ea(s)t, ireland
Equipment used:
nord modular, edirol ua-700
Anything else...?
the official oao site at team abunai: http://teamabunai.org/oao
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