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Dimaension X - The Doom 2 Variations
NEWS   The Doom 2 Variations now available!!
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play hi-fi  MAP01 Intermission and Running From Evil
play hi-fi  MAP02 The Healer Stalks
play hi-fi  MAP03 Countdown To Death
play hi-fi  MAP04 Between Levels
play hi-fi  MAP05 DOOM
play hi-fi  MAP06 In The Dark
play hi-fi  MAP07 Shawn's Got the Shotgun
play hi-fi  MAP08 The Dave D. Taylor Blues
play hi-fi  MAP09 Into Sandy's City
play hi-fi  MAP10 The Demon is Dead
Dimaension X - The Doom 2 Variations
- A Tribute to Bobby Prince -

- A re-creation of the Doom 2 Videogame soundtrack, with some minor variations in the basic song arrangements, instruments, etc. These songs are all basically created from the original MIDI files that are easily available just about anywhere you search on the Internet. However, due to re-formatting from the game, the notes are no longer properly "sync-ed" to any proper "beats-per-minute" tempo setting, so I really had to do some serious editting and re-arranging of the notes to get them synced properly.

- I also used more modern sounding drum samples and orchestral instrument samples for a more realistic sound. - And I took some serious "liberties" with the basic arrangements and added some guitar solos or weird guitars and effects over the more static and repetitive parts that I thought just needed "more".

- Beyond that, the tracks are basically what you would hear in the original Doom 2 game. If anyone knows how to embed mp3s into a game setup mod, please feel free to add my versions of these songs to your current game mods. Please also note that I do not claim any ownership of these songs. That honor belongs the the original composer, the very talented Bobby Prince. I merely re-arranged and re-performed the material that was already there. These songs are good because of Mr. Prince's skills. Thank you very much Bobby.

Also available through:
My Myspace page
The Dimaension X Realm
The Internet Archive
Your influences?
Bobby Prince is the big guy here, along with Sonic Clang (another creator of Doom game music), The Fat Man aka George Alistair Sanger, Martin O'Donnell, Michael Salvatori
Equipment used:
The only guitar used on this recording is my new Schecter Omen 6. I recorded through my trusty Line 6 POD XTLive direct into my new Dell Inspiron 1525 Laptop. All MIDI tracks were re-created and re-arranged in SONAR HS6. All audio recorded in Reaper.
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