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iQ The Great
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iQ started spittin in the year 2002 as a freestyle/battle rapper. He and his team quickly earned a rep destroying local rappers in battles in the west coast time and time again. Over the years he has developed his skills into writting songs, once the battles became boring. Which eventually broke him out of the category of just a rapper, only to place him among artists. No gimmics or lyrics of drug dealing or being a gangsta are used in any of the projects he cooks up. iQ strives on the fact of being one of the few REAL mc's left, showing that you really dont have to be a dealer or harder then the next guy just to make it big! His precise word play and occaisional punch lines are perfectly placed throughout his songs to express real life, thus leading to REAL MUSIC! iQ is also the Co-Ceo/Owner and founder of STREET ACADEMY ENT. along with his partner in crime Logics (CEO of STREET ACADEMY ENT.). iQ and with his squad the STREET ACADEMY have performed among stars such as... JUELZ SANTANA, PAUL WALL, FAT JOE, G-UNIT, MOBB DEEP, JIN, YIN YANG TWINZ, and LIL FLIP!!!! STREET ACADEMY consist of Logics and iQ.
Favorite spot?
Sin City Nevada
Equipment used:
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