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The game is changing. Early adopters of the digital movement, The Kanvas keeps a sharp watch on the music industry. Music is free. Albums are dead. But Hip Hop lives. It's a new era of collaboration. The Kanvas Collection represents the art.

With a proven and credited background in both music production and new media marketing, we are dedicated to bringing a fresh sound in our instrumentals. The Kanvas is rooted in Cali and originally started as a small team of music producers composing for national TV shows, commercials and movie trailers. Our next chapter is connecting with the artists. Whether it's providing the hottest tracks for your upcoming projects or lining up collaborations for licensing opportunities, we keep it moving.

The music is The Kanvas. Paint the picture.

major credits 2

• Best Damn Sports Show - Theme Music

• Esteé Lauder - National TV Ad

• Dell/Google - National TV Ad

• The Bachelor 6

• Death Sentence - Movie Trailer

• Von Dutch - Italian TV ad

Work done in 2008

• Olay "Definity" - TV ad (London)

• Olay "Houdini" - TV ad (London)

• Moneygram - National TV ad

• Fox Sports - College Football Promos 2008

• Guinness - TV ad (Africa)

*The Kanvas Collection is independently operated. Will consider management interest.


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Why this name?
The music is The Kanvas. Paint the picture.
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