Shango Spirit
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This project is the manifestation of my passion for psy trance.
I am working on my first album in that style.

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Why this name?
Shango is the Loa, the spirit of wind, thunder and fire in the Vodun pantheon. He also symbolizes the entity of arts and music. Worshipers hail him in dance and drum ceremonys.
Do you play live?
A live act with a lot of space for improvisation is work in progress. This will ensure that no gig ever sounds as another. I contrast it will of course feature live remixes of the tracks from the upcoming album!
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
The internet is great. It gives musicians the freedom to publish without the annoying search for a label etc.
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
Band History:
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Your influences?
From polka to hip hop.
From metal to chinese traditional

In psy trance my favs are Rinkadink and Psytrain to name a few. But there are too many to name them all.
Favorite spot?
Hard to say. Depends on the people surrounding me.
Equipment used:
My main sequencer is Apple Logic 8.

I got licenses for Lennar Digital Sylenth, Camel Audio Alchemy and camel phat. These plugins are my main workhorses.
On top of that I use a lot of freeware.

Hardware I use often:
Yamaha CS01 monophonic analogue synth
Chimera syntesis BC16 Modular synth
Jomox Airbase
Novation Bassstation (the original sounds still better then the plugin!)
Roland Fantom XA
Casio SK8
Game Boy running LSDJ
C64 and Loads of software such as Prophet 64, cyber tracker etc.

Novation Remote SL 37
Korg PadKontroll
Doepfer Pocket dial.

Loads of effects like stomp boxes etc
Anything else...?
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