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Hip Hop
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play hi-fi  Open Sesame
play hi-fi  Paparazzi
play hi-fi  Just What I Needed
play hi-fi  One Headlight
play hi-fi  Vanilla Radio
play hi-fi  Change The World (rough mix 1)
play hi-fi  Sparkle (rough mix 2)
play hi-fi  Goth Girl (rough mix 1)
play hi-fi  Asshat (rough mix)
play hi-fi  If I Could Be Like Andy
Why this name?
Erich's daughter has a pair of socks with smiley faces on them. That's pretty much it.
Do you play live?
We don't play out yet, but we will soon... and we will a lot. This is gonna be big. Mark my words.
Band History:
Smileyfoot is the solo recording project of Erich Arndt of Shortbus Fight Club.
Your influences?
Far too many to list. Metal to pop to ska and everything in between.
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