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Hallelu YAH!I will be posting my free album tomorrow on reverbantion for all who are interested. Please be patient with me because it does take a few minutes to upload all of the mp3's . If you have trouble downloading files from reverbnation , send me a quick message here and I will personally email the files to you.
All praises be to YAH. And thank you all in advance for your support. Hallelu YAH!
Commercial : New Album 'Breath Of Life
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This is promotional Video for the New Album'Breath of Life'
by: Messanayah
The Album is soon to be released
The song is called 'Praise Break'
Written by: Messanayah
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play hi-fi  Praise Break
play hi-fi  For the Love of you.mp3
play hi-fi  Stay with me
play hi-fi  Boink
play hi-fi  Power Might Majesty
Messanayah hails from a small town called Saginaw, Michigan. Both her parents were musicians. Messanayah studied Theology at Valley Bible Institute in Saginaw, Michigan. Messanayah has always been a very spiritual person. She is a spiritual singer who loves to bring a message of hope and inspiration to her listeners. Her soulful, soft sound have a soothing peaceful tone which is smooth and relaxing. Her hope and greatest aspiration is to spread the truth to as many who will hear. Inspiring is what she loves to do. She wants to inspire you to smile. Inspire you to keep living another day. Motivate you to love one another. Motivate you to live in peace.

Messanayah‘s combination of jazz, rap, and gospel tones sang in English and Hebrew make her music a very unique listening experience. She has studied and worked with various musicians in Texas, New York, and Michigan. She has recorded with companies such as W.I.S.H Productions Media, 2 Save Souls Records, and Simon Talent agency. Messanayah has also worked with artist such as Yahsaral ben YAH, The Priesthood, Wayne the Rhythm, Derrick Rouse, and YAH’s Tribe.

Messanayah won an award for best female jazz vocalist at the 2010 Review Magazine Annual Music Awards.

Messanayah has a broad range of talents including video production, commercial production, marketing, advertising, and over ten years of experience as a freelance photographer.

Messanayah has released five albums: “Covenant The Prophecy,” “Life in YAH,” ”Rise of a Nation,” ”Zion Quest,” and “Two Roads” (a compilation of her previous hits). Her music has universal appeal.

Messanayah is also a talented dancer, videographer, and a semi-professional plus size model.
Why this name?
I prayed.
Do you play live?
Not often but I have.
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
It open the door to the rest of the world. It is also a means of connecting people who otherwise would never meet.
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
It depends on the label and the terms of the contract.
Band History:
I am relatively new. We used to be blessed grace we have performed in a lot of talent shows and gigs in different states . We have done a few performances and have release five albums . There were formerly 3 other members to my band, but I have decided in the recent years to go solo.
Your influences?
Well alot of different music influenced me. Marc A grace a muscian from Michigan, Reginald Redding a musician from GA, Wayne Mitchell a musician from NYC, Kerry Finnie a fan, Jonny Haynes another fan.And also the best musician of them all (in my opinion) King David from the scriptures who inspired the book of psalms. the book of Psalms has some of the most beautiful songs ever written.
Favorite spot?
Leland North Carolina, i love the BEACH:)!
Equipment used:
kerboards,congas,drums, strings,mics, ect
Breath of Life
New Album coming soon
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