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Stay with me
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Hip Hop
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I was born in Saginaw Michigan in the year 1974. I am the mother of four children and I am CEO W.I.S.H Ptoductions Media. Wish Productions started off as a christian organization. The acronem stands for Worship Inspirational Spitirtual Hymns. Even though I am in the truth now, the meaning of my mission has not changed. It is to spread the truth to as many who will hear. Inspiring is what I love to do. Inspire you to smile. Inspire you keep living another day. Motivating you to love one another. It is the will of our father who is in heaven. After all How can you love him who you have not seen, when you cant even love the one you can see? And that includes yourself. If you really love youself you'll wnat to save your spirit ,
for your spririt is the very essence of you. And your Spirit IS you. Praise be to THE MOST HIGH YAH. HelliluYAH!

Why this name?
It is my spiritual name:) I prayed and thats how i came up with it.
Do you play live?
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
It open the door to the rest of the world. It is also a means of connecting people who otherwise would never meet.
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
It depends on the label and the terms of the contract.
Band History:
We are relatively new. We used to be blessed grace we have performed in a lot of talent shows and gigs in different states . But one of us is a former profeessional vocalist who sang and performed with some of the hottest groups of the 70's. also he has performed with the Mcdonalds choir
Your influences?
Well alot of different music influenced me. Marc A grace a muscian from Michigan, Reginald Redding a musician from GA, Wayne Mitchell a musician from NYC, Kerry Finnie a fan, Jonny Haynes another fan.
Favorite spot?
Saginaw Michigan
Equipment used:
kerboards,congas,drums, strings,
Anything else...?
Our motivation for this album was not fame or fortune or money. It was so that people could begin to understand that there is more to life than just exsisting.Many people ask me all the time what I think my purpose in life is. And I tell fellowship,demonstrate love, learn and teach TORAH and TANACH and most of all..To love and worship YAH. You have a purpose. Your not just wandering around aimlessly. If anyone tells you are , then that person is either blind,ignorant,or lying to you. Each and every last one of us was created for a purpose. And everyone has gifts from our father. Remember Your not alone in this quest, and sometimes it can be a very lonely road to travel.No one ever said the road of truth was not a bumpy road. You slip sometimes..but dont stay down.You can do it. REPENT. Get back up and try again. And remember no matter what you have done,
as long as you breath, there is hope. So go head...take a deep breath and remember..Your redemption draws nigh. Our father has not forgotten you and he knows your pain. That's right smile. You are beautiful precious nations of our father in heaven.
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