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Playbak (Trikkstar,Fluent) LIVE @ Rising Sun, AKL
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Humble Society presents...
The Gathering!
TrikkstaR & Fluent Rip It UP! When We Rock, True Playa (Unreleased) Followed by some awesome beat boxing! I recommend fast forwarding to 7:18!
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play hi-fi  Hokey Pokey Snippet - 2010
play hi-fi  Murda Block - She's Gone ft Fluent & TrikkstaR
play hi-fi  Turning Headz Snippet
play hi-fi  When We Rock w/ Fluent (Prod. Sinima Beats) 2009
play hi-fi  Big Time Remix
play hi-fi  My b*** ft. Mission - 2009
play hi-fi  Give It To Me ft. Diva - 2009
play hi-fi  Vs Puddz III - 2009
play hi-fi  Bank Roll ft. Dame (L.R.D) - 2008
play hi-fi  How We Do ft. Dj Lefthand & Dean D'ville - 2006
Sheean "TrikkstaR" Murray makes his outrageously addictive songs and diss tracks from the suburbs of Christchurch City, New Zealand. He has been rapping and beatboxing since 2002 (currently 8 years ago), and in that time has landed a variety of performances along side many different underground and commercial artists.

Representing Playbak/DubLT Entertainment as his entrepenuer label, and holding such extra talents as Singing, Turntablism, Producing & Mastering, Show Hosting and Stage Management... TrikkstaR is currently working with many other artists throughout New Zealand & Australia on a diverse range of projects.
Included is the OooWee Mixtape's, which the contents of the underground release of OooWee Mixtape Volume 1 can be found in the music list.
Using a combination of mystery and shamelessness to push his music into the world, he is surely one of the more "Stand Out" artists of his generation. Creating anticipation and hype in everyone that knows of his talents and crazy antics.

This page is what we like to call "The Collection". It will hold every available song ever created by TrikkstaR (that can be "found" to this day), including Diss tracks, and even certain skits and public notices.

Coming soon exclusively to Soundclick is a range of Demo Cd's solely produced by Soundclick producers. These will be all free to download, so as to not infringe any copyright laws. First one coming December this year! Some new tunes for your trunk this Christmas! ~TrikkstaR
Why this name?
Anyone that knows me personally, knows that the name just suits.
Do you play live?
I've played live mostly in the South Island of New Zealand, but have recently opened into the Auckland Hip Hop scene. I once did a twelve minute beatbox set with Fluent of Playbak (represent) at the Mobb Deep "Blood Money" Tour concert in Christchurch, New Zealand (feat. 40Glocc, Alchemist + More). And have performed at gigs with Scribe, Misfits of Sciene, C.I.S, Akademks, Ben Lummis, Smashproof, Lady Esque, plus many more. I've loved every minute!
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
That's always going to depend on how much of a profit you want to make from your efforts, if you even want to earn any. As for me, I'm not fussed on earning a heck of a lot when it comes to money.. so I reckon it's the best way to get the recognition you need. Feedback is feedback regardless of positivity, and Mp3's on the internet ( especially) is a great way to self promote!
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
Yes, but with the right conditions of course.
Band History:
Performances (as remembered to date):
Mana in the Park @ Linwood Park, Christchurch. 2002
L.Y.F.E @ Linwood Park, Christchurch. 2002/2003/2004/2006/2007/2009/2010
Sex in the Park @ Bromley Park, Christchurch. 2003
Battles For Supremecy @ Home Bar (now Double Happy), Christchurch. 2006
Mobb Deep "Blood Money" Tour @ Westpac Stadium, Christchurch. 2006
L.Y.F.E Promotion Event @ Cathedral Square, Christchurch. March 2007
Sk8 Jam @ Thompson Park, Christchurch. 2007
Canterbury Rams game; 12th April @ Westpac Stadium, Christchurch. 2007
'Stand Up' CHCH hiphop showcase April @ Jetset Lounge, Christchurch. 2007
The Opening of Te Koru @ Te Koru, Christchurch. 2007
Neo's Birthday @ Chilli Jam, Christchurch. 2007
Rosita Vai & Chase @ Cafe Bleu, Christchurch. 2007
Fun With Meat @ Foam Bar, Christchurch. 2007
Sodium @ New Brighton, Christchurch. 2007
Super 14 October @ Coyotes Bar, Christchurch. 2007
November Fest @ Hoon Hay Park, Christchurch. 2007
Careers Expo @ Hagley Netball Courts, Christchurch. 2008
Hit The Mic @ Foam Bar, Christchurch. 2008 (Second Place Winner)
Sk8 Jam @ Thompson Park, Christchurch. 2008
Te Koru April @ Te Koru, Christchurch. 2008
Friday Night Mic Fights 3 @ The Drop, Christchurch. 2008
Elite Grounds Mixtape Release Party @ Foam Bar, Christchurch. 2008
To Rugged To Shave To Grimey To Shower @ Level 1, Christchurch. 2008
TNT CD Release Party @ Civic/The Drop, Christchurch. 2008
Capitol Punishment 3 @ Capitol Bar, Christchurch. 2008
Te Koru August @ Te Koru, Christchurch. 2008
Only The Strong @ Majestic House, Christchurch. 2008
"Lab Results" Mixtape Release @ The Bedford, Christchurch. 2009
Whakaoho March @ Te Koru, Christchurch. 2009
November Birthday Bash (My 21st) @ The Bedford, Christchurch. 2009
The Gathering Part 1 @ Rising Sun, Auckland. 2010
Wrights Hip Hop Trendz Launch Party & Fashion Show @ Tru Bar, Christchurch. 2010
The Gathering Part 2 @ Rising Sun, Auckland. 2010
Wright Hip Hop Trendz Fashion Show @ Fox & Ferret Riccarton, Christchurch. 2010
Wright Hip Hop Trendz "Miss Wright" Competition @ The Bedford, Christchurch. 2010
Christchurch Earthquake Relief Fundraiser @ The Groove'Inn on Vancouver, Christchurch. 2010
Canteen Singles Auction Party @ Ziggy Star Club, Christchurch. 2010

CD's Released:
Higher Speeds EP/Mixtape (Underground Release) [2005]
OooWee! Mixtape Vol. 1 (Underground Release) [2006]

CD's Coming Soon:
Demolition Vol. 1 (Soundclick Exclusive) Dec. 2010
TrikkTape Vol. 1 (Underground/Net Release) 2011 [Presented by DubL.T / Blacked Out Ent.]
OooWee Mixtape Vol. 1 (Commercial Release) 2011 [Presented by Playbak NZ]
Delluded Illusions EP (Commercial Release) 2011
ReTrikked Mixtape Vol. 1 (Underground/Net Release) 2011 [Presented by DubL.T Ent.]
Your influences?
I take note of all musicians, singers, rappers, producers, dancers, basically everything! Because no matter where you look, what you find, what you hear or who you surround yourself with.. there is an influence in everything. What you do with that influence and how you influence others is up to you...
Favorite spot?
Christchurch! New Zealand.. I also enjoy visiting Nelson, Wellington & Auckland
Equipment used:
Anything goes, as long as I'm allowed to play with the settings. Hah!
Dance like no one's watching!
Wrights Hip Hop Trendz Fashion Show
TrikkstaR & Fluent, representing Playbak
OooWee Mixtape Volume 1: Underground Release
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