Tarmo Tanilsoo
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I am a weather enthusiast, whose true passion is actually meteorology, but I also have a side hobby: computer music making. Since I was a small child, the music has been a way to help me to unwind(I have been diagnosed with Aspergers Syndrome, so I can sometimes get quite upset, and then the relaxing music can be a saviour). First I didn't listen much else besides New Age & Ambient, but in 2004, my taste started to expand(but even nowadays, New Age and Ambient have high priority in my playlist). But years of listening to relaxing music has left the mark on me - when I got interested in music, and started improvising on a synthesizer sometimes in mid 2000's, I was improvising New Age-like tunes. In 2007, I got started in composing MIDI music, and eventually found my way to other technologies as well. Nowadays, my technique generally is that I make some "key measures", and start to evolve around them. I like to experience with audio language derived from morse code(I am also a ham radio operator) and with combinations of various instruments. Often I try to hide some morse code messages into the melody as well.
Why this name?
Simply - I use my real name. In real life I am really Tarmo Tanilsoo.
Do you play live?
No. As mentioned before, I compose music in a computer.
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
It sure does. Independents can now go online and get heard by wider masses than in the pre-Internet era, bringing more diversity to the musical landscape. The Music industry better watch its tactics, or they will lose its listeners, because the listeners have an alternative.
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
NO! Nyet! Nein! Ei! (and in many other languages). My ideological views differ like a night and day from the record companies. For example, I strongly oppose the territorial limits often set by rights holders. I think it should be up to the artist what he/she does with his/her music. My and music industry's ideology... doesn't probably match at all. And... I don't do this for money... I do it for my enjoyment. It is a way for me to vent my feelings in some cases.
Band History:
I got started in composing MIDI files in 2007. In 2008, I had almost complete creative standstill, but late that year, I got a new inspiration and now I am composing again now and then. Also in 2008, some of my compositions were featured as a background music in Estonian documentary series "Jumalaga puberteet". In 2009 after discovering that some of my created MP3's have been scrobbled at last.fm, I decided to break the news to the world about my musical hobby. Before it, I generally just played the music in my podcast/internet radio or on my Youtube videos and/or just gave copies to my friends. In 2009, I stopped making MIDI music and started making music with LMMS using ZynAddSubFX synthesizer and in 2010, I started also experiments with FLUID soundfont.
Your influences?
Strong to major influence from New Age and Ambient artists.
Favorite spot?
My home village - Laguja, Estonia
Equipment used:
I used software called Tinyseq to compose the midi files on a personal computer and Winamp to render it to Wav files. Currently I use software called LMMS, with ZynAddSubFX synthesizer and FLUID soundfont.
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