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sunset sounds
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play hi-fi  Vitious Triangles (mix 2 demo)
play hi-fi  come on over baby
play hi-fi  A Song For The Day Dreamers
play hi-fi  world peace
play hi-fi  unseen friend
play hi-fi  inocent minds
play hi-fi  i miss you
play hi-fi  troubled face
play hi-fi  city life
Band is pretty much a loose term as im a solo artist ,writting singing and recording my own tracks (for the moment ) and doing a few jam along ,and open mike nights around Edinburgh. I write a very mixed and varied styles of music ranging from prog rock to punk , powr ballad dance music experimental, etc should just listen and judge!!
Why this name?
IT was the name of my first demo tape ....yes tape many years ago lol
Do you play live?
yes i play open mike nights at the seahaven pub portabello and the the black rose in edinburgh city and various jam nights around the city of edinburgh
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
WOW does it are you kidding of course it does
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
I would defenately have to say ....undecided lol
Your influences?
Wow too many to say ...erm The Doors , The Beach Boys , Bonjovi ,GNR, Linkin Park Ice Cube , NWA, The Eagles way too mant others to say .
Favorite spot?
undecided yet
Equipment used:
marshall amps , shure mikes , planet wave leads , strat , les paul, etc
Anything else...?
erm no
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