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play hi-fi  TRUE FRIEND G.U.P.I.
play hi-fi  The comeback ft. antlive the legend
play hi-fi  knocks you down
play hi-fi  A jump away
play hi-fi  pretty good at smokin weed
play hi-fi  luv ya luv ya luv ya
play hi-fi  The Ups and Downs©
play hi-fi  slimshady REMIX just a taste
play hi-fi  G.U.P.I-In da Groove- ft. Antlive (rough)
play hi-fi  dracs castle
I'm a songwriter/singer in search of a band to jam with, or bands who need real lyrics wrote. call me at #360-73-(420)20 most of the songs on this page are not to show my singing ability as more my songwriting ability.

"for every one of you that dont like what i have to say there is two of us standing in your way" check me out at check back to this page weekly cause i am always adding more sh*** and fixing some of the stuff on here but i'm on a computer in my closet so suck my............... i can't wait until woody harrelson or jack black let me start hanging out with them again. Method Man where are you?
Why this name?
the meaning of the name is to be disclosed at a later time.

Do you play live?
yes. yes, all of them except when i get beat out by a cover band at a battle of the bands
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
gets you out there
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
on the dotted line
Band History:
that is soon to be made
Your influences?
I'm influenced by all music.
Favorite spot?
planet earth
Equipment used:
tc helicon vocal effects proccessor pedal. a sm58 mic, and a fender bose portable pd650 pa system. YOU"LL hear me
Anything else...?
if you aint a punk ass pussy and your ready to unleash some sh*** on
{{{{{{{(((((((THE SOUND)))))))}}}}}}}
call me
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