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Instrumentals with Hooks
Big Cynic
Algae Association
funk experiment
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This is "Cynical" aka Big Cynic, reppin that High City, 80211 Denver Colorado! Welcome to my Sound Click page. I created this account to post up some of the tracks I've been making with my friends and fam. Check em out!!! Any feedback is always appreciated!...Peace
Why this name?
Had this name since the hella early 1990's. Started out as a graffiti thang. Eventually it evolved into the acronyms C.Y.N.I.C.A.L. "Cuz You Never Imagined Chaos At'this Level. & Celebrate Your Nows In Case'there Aint'a Later. I mostly just go by Cynic, but lately I been hearing about mad fools with the same name so I been goin by Big Cynic, but I also tolerateall sorts of other various forms of Cynic, from Big Cynic Rock, Cynni', Cyn, Cynicallion, King Cynic Supreme, etc. etc.....Basically it's Big Cynic!!! The name was given to me back in the day by my older homie Kraze. I was always into art but he schooled me on the graffit sh*** and history was made.
Do you play live?
I'm still kinda new to the world of stage performances. I mostly just rocked cyphers at houseparties and sh*** for years and worked in studios. But lately I've been grindin'. I've been going to mad MC Freestyle Battles. I've been to like 5 or 6 in the last year. I win some rounds, I lose some rounds, but its fun and all for the love of helpin the Colorado Hip Hop Scene grow. I've also done a couple little sets at this local Hip-Hop Open Mic nights. I'm still workin on improving but I'm out here movin'. Nothin outta state or country yet though
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
Helps get more underground and broke / poor artists' art out there and helps get that global exposure that was never really available before. But also it allows a million wack MC's to flood the world with their wackness! Which is why I be murkin MC's with the Hard Core dopeness
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
Depends on the terms of the deal or whatever. I wouldn't rush into a bad business partnership just because of the hype a company may carry with their name. I'm an Artist, but I also need ta eat and feed the kids and pay the bills and such
Band History:
My "Band" or crew is more like a family, been that way from the start back in the early 90's.
Your influences?
"Its a Kold Reality, that's why we named the crew that"
Favorite spot?
Denver, COlorado
Equipment used:
Anything and Everything We can
Anything else...?
Thanks for visiting the page. Be sure to check out the tracks and show some love...Peace!
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