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Strawberry Fools
Strawberry Fools
Deadly Nightshade
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Strawberry Fools playing a cover of the Strawbs song 'Deadly Nightshade', originally on the album Deadlines. Recorded live at the Hythe Centre in Staines on 15th May 2010
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The Strawberry Fools are

David Claridge - vocals/guitars/ukuelele/dulcimer/percussion
Les Cotton - vocals/bass/guitars
Dick Greener- vocals/guitars/mandolin/bouzouki/percussion
Peter Rand - keyboards
Ralph Tonge - vocals/guitars/banjo

Why this name?
That's a difficult one to answer.
Do you play live?
See Live Events for latest info
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
It helps old gits like us strut our stuff.
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
Only if we could trash a hotel as part of the deal.
Band History:

Appeared at Strawbs Xmas party in 2008 complete with malfunctioning organ.
Nearly appeared at Strawbs 40th Anniversary 2009 (but made it to the programme)
Appeared again in May 2010 in Aldermaston and Staines for a World Tourette.
Likely to appear again in the heavens once every blue moon.
Your influences?
Strawbs but also the many and varied musicians as featured on Dave Claridge's iPod
Favorite spot?
East Cottingwith (our spiritual home)
Equipment used:
Acoustic & Electric Guitars/Bass/Keyboards/Dulcimer/Ukulele/Banjo/Bongos/Drums/Bouzouki
Strawberry Fools hard at work
Antiques and Cheerios
Fools Xmas 08
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