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play hi-fi  1hour
play hi-fi  Unfinished b***
play hi-fi  ideas
play hi-fi  somethingalittledifferent
play hi-fi  Bad Screaming vox test lool
play hi-fi  Epic fail. i did not mean to do this XD
play hi-fi  imfeelingkindadeepatm:)
play hi-fi  edge of belief with vox!
play hi-fi  tunetest
Why this name?
How did you choose your website name? EH?
Do you play live?!/pages/State-Of-Grace/147479385292469?ref=ts!/pages/Fate-of-a-Thousand/336280436440?ref=ts
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
Its great i can put anything out there and it might get listened to by anyone. Its a awesome way to share something and people like me who arent gonna make any money off songs anyway...well...
Your influences?
Many many things including cheese.
Favorite spot?
Equipment used:
Cubase SX 2 for mixing and mastering with my 4gig i5 processor comp.
Guitars and bass go through my toneport into podfarm.
Drums are programmed with superior drummer 2.0.
Vocals are recorded with a Rode Nta-1 into the toneport.
I use tapco s-5 monitors.
Anything else...?
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