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NEWS   Benevolent is in the studio recording it's debut EP scheduled for release in the fall of 2010!

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play hi-fi  Benevolent - Haunting Shores
Benevolent is an extreme metal band that was formed in early 2007, and is based in Kuwait.
The band was formed by brothers Hadi and Fadi Sarieddine who take on Guitars/Vocals and
Vocals duties respectively. Benevolent’s sound comprises a number of elements including
growled and clean vocals, polyrhythmic beats, progressive nuances, and atmospheric sound
layers. Additionally, the brothers cite bands such as Meshuggah, Tool, and Dream Theater as
their primary influences.

Benevolent is currently in the studio working on their debut EP release, which is scheduled
for release in the fall of 2010, two tracks from the album titled “Augmentedâ€쳌 and “Haunting
Shoresâ€쳌 are available for streaming on the band’s official Myspace page. (Check below links)

Benevolent’s links:

Hadi on Twitter:

Stay tuned!
Why this name?
We were listening to "Right in Two" by "Tool" and a part in that song the word "Benevolent" came across and Fadi and I both thought "DAMN! THAT COULD BE OUR BAND NAME!" and so it was!
Do you play live?
Yes we do whenever there are gigs available!
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
It all depends on the kind of contract that's at hand!
Your influences?
Dream Theater, Opeth, Tool, Symphony X, Guthrie Govan, Pink Floyd, A Perfect Circle, Linkin Park, Marco Sfogli, Arch Enemy, Meshuggah, many others!
Equipment used:
Ibanez and Schecter Guitars
Roland Cube Guitar & Bass Amps
Line6 POD X3 Live and POD Farm Plugin
Roland V-Drums
Anything else...?
Hope you enjoy our music!!!
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