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Bananas Gone Bad
Gummy Beatz
What You Mean To Me (Original Guitar)
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BGB is a trio formed on the island of Oahu in the Hawaiian Islands. These songs are from a live session recorded inside our sailboat in ~ 2008 so forgive the goofs.

Jerry's from the North Shore who loves to surf and has a music studio across from Leftovers Beach.

Jennifer and Ron Tiernay live onboard their sailboat in Honolulu with a small studio built in the stateroom. The live sessions - 2008 were recorded onboard the boat and you can actually hear the acoustics reflecting from the mahogany interior.
Why this name?
We initially chose the name 2nd Wind due to the fact that the three of us retired from doing gigs about 10 years ago and have, just now, gotten our second wind. BUT, there were 1,860 "2nd winds" on myspace and the name wasn't as unique as we thought.

One day, after one of our batches of bananas turned that funky brown color overnight, Ron remarked about how the bananas had gone bad ~ the name was born and, as far as I can one else has that name.
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