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play hi-fi  Ephesians 1 v 1-14 - 16th Oct 2016 Rev John Ritson
play hi-fi  Believe - 28th Nov 2015 - Rev. John Ritson
play hi-fi  The Good Shepherd - 26/4/15 - Mrs Shirley Coyne
play hi-fi  The Empty Tomb - 19th Apr 2015 - Rev Steve Mann
play hi-fi  Fresh possibilities - 14th Apr 2013 - Bob Street
play hi-fi  Blind Bartimaeus - 28th Oct 2012, Helen Warmington
play hi-fi  Love is primarily a decision, not a feeling!
play hi-fi  I am the true vine - 6th May 2012 - Rev Bob Street
play hi-fi  I am with you - 4th March 2012 - Brian Woodgate
play hi-fi  Seek ye 1st the kingdom of God - 26-2-12 B Street
These sermons were recorded at Tunbridge Wells United Reformed Church
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