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Scott Sanborn
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Scott has drifted in and out of the creation of music from the humble abode known as "Chaos on Cardigan" for many years. With roots ranging from “my parents made me” piano lessons at 7 years old, to a Marshall stack dialed up to “eleven” in junior high, to classical piano study in his late teens (for which the practice sessions inevitably evolved into blues jams), to acoustic folk songs around the campfires to psychedelic jazz-rock-fusion, he is equally at home with and inspired by piano/keyboards, guitar, bass and acoustic percussion.

He has publicly plied one manifestation of his creative energy on the keys with local rock ‘n’ roll bar bands such as Surreal McCoy, SmackDaddy, Lolita’s Bliss (chosen as the “Best New Artist” at the NH Seacoast Spotlight Awards in 2001), Junk in the Trunk, and now Talkin' Smack, and with various guest appearances and impromptu jams in nearly any genre imaginable and studio work on Cathy Sanborn’s highly acclaimed 2000 CD release, “It’s About Time”.

All the while he has privately brought his own creations to life in fits and starts during the rare moments between the chaos generously provided by his wife and 3 children (now teenagers and musicians all). In the living room, the back yard and around the fireside, a chosen few have been subjected to the widely varied, often difficult to categorize musical musings of this mystified prophet, and now through the magic of technology, the rest of the world can have the opportunity to determine if there's any hope of repairing the damage..... At any rate, it is what it is, and hope you enjoy it!
Why this name?
Well, my mom gave this one to me so I guess I'm stuck with it. But it has served me well for a number of years, so I gues I'll keep it....

The ChaosonCardigan moniker comes from the normal state of affairs in our home high on the side of Cardigan Mountain in west-central New Hampshire filled with children (now teenagers one and all) who are most cooperative in providing a generous measure of chaos to what would otherwise surely be a placid and mind-numbing existence
Do you play live?
Many a year playing the local bars and other various parties and functions. Probably the most memorable would be Dartmouth College's "Tubefest" a number of years ago - a thousand drunken college students rafting around the Connecticut River as the bands played atop a bluff looking over the river. And then, Rafael's was pretty special too - - always had a tough time providing more entertainment that the patrons...
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
The classic double edged sword -- amazing how much exposure one can get, and amazing how many artists the listeners must sift through before you're the one that gets heard.
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
Sure, make me an offer!
Your influences?
Pretty near everything ... From the earliest of Rock 'n' Roll, to the amazing progressive and psychadelic rock of the 70's, to the acoustic and electric folkies, to the jazz greats and more. Even had a few years of classical thrown in that has been long since forgotten.
Favorite spot?
Falcon Ridge Folk Festival, of course!
Equipment used:
Roland RD-700SX keyboard, Laravee electric-acoustic guitar, Hamer 5-string bass, Fostex MR-8HD recorder, Sony Acid
Anything else...?
Yes, but I'm not telling...
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