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(NEW)Slat(Lil Baby x Young Thug x Gunna Type Beat)
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play hi-fi  Moyea (Justin and Shea Draft)
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play hi-fi  Androme (Remake) - Shea's Rough Draft 1
play hi-fi  Sawbuck (Rough Draft)
play hi-fi  Elephantitis (Very Rough Draft)
play hi-fi  Copious (Rough Draft)
play hi-fi  Imbroglio
play hi-fi  Battle Gear
play hi-fi  2Mex - Dead Deer Diary (Rusty Mech Remix)
play hi-fi  Maxine (Dreams, Interludes and Quaaludes)
If anyone is tempted to steal one of my beats and sell it or use it without permission in a song to gain a profit; even post it on their page as their own and take the credit for it in another fashion, I maintain valid evidence as to when I began working with the piece, finished working with the piece, every block contained inside of the piece individually, and the list goes on. In other words, I'm not stupid. I will sue you and win my case because I will prove beyond the shadow of a doubt that the creation is in fact my own. Soundclick aids in this cause and is willing to help artists when theft occurs, so there truly isn't any hiding once you're exposed. You will be caught. I will then in turn request to be compensated for what you have taken from me. The page is here so that I could share my music with anyone who might be interested. I do sell my beats, and I will give you a very reasonable price if you want to make a purchase. My contact is jobeyrm@yahoo.com...e-mail me to let me know what you think about my music or to purchase some of my music for personal use. Custom music is also available; as I try to fit my own mold, you can expect something along the lines of the sound I usually utilize, nothing more, nothing less. Needless to say, everybody who has made purchases from me in the past has been satisfied; I've never gotten a complaint.

Be aware that everything that is posted on this website is not the original/finest quality available. I intentionally bring down the sound quality a bit for personal insurance purposes. I'm also insured in the fact that I've decided to put tags over each instrumental I post to act as a deterrent to thieves. I apologize for those who'd like to do nothing more than simply listen to my music without tags, but in the world we live in today, you can never be too safe from theft. If you understand creative licensing, you should be able to wrap your head around the concept of tagging. The tags will no longer remain if the instrumental is purchased.
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
The internet is a great avenue for me personally to share my music with other indie hip-hop fans. I think that the Soundclick community in particular is the finest outlet in doing so due to its organized setup and easy accessibility to newcomers.
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
Yes...but I wouldn't compromise the style I've created over the years in doing so. If a label offered me promotion, I'd have a list of terms that would have to be abided by in order to keep my creative freedoms intact.
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