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Bad Side ft. Cory Jones *Hook & Bridge*
Instrumentals with Hooks
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~ Blaze ~ Australia - YM: emce3_blaze ~
~ Boy Topak - Maryland, US - YM: baliw_na_pinoy89 ~
~ Risk - Maryland, US - YM: ivan_umali ~
~ Ayu Cha - Virginia, US - YM: moshi_162003 ~
~ rD - Maryland, US - YM: tobe71191 ~
~ Crookie - L.A California, US - YM: cookie_sioson ~
~ J Rey - New Jersey, US - YM: jan4great ~

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play hi-fi  Walang Katapusan
play hi-fi  Bagong Generation'
play hi-fi  Bakit ka ba nagpapanggap'
play hi-fi  Bakit hindi ko masabi sayo
play hi-fi  Para Sayo
play hi-fi  Tunay Na Makata
play hi-fi  Karanasan ~Sample~
play hi-fi  J Rey Sample to Boy Topak's Solo
play hi-fi  I'm Leaving'
play hi-fi  Sugat Sa Puso'
Why this name?
It was develop by Ayu Cha, we just joined in after a while...
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
Hell yea :D
Band History:
PinoyFinestKrew first started January 2008, but we did not make music yet back then we were just one of the listeners and fans. After a couple of months G-fire, Gugolski & Ke-te released "First Love" which influenced us on making our own music. G-fire helped us with all the equipments we need to make music. A couple months later our first song "Luhaan" and "I wanted you" was released March 2009. It was just Boy TOpak and J Rey on the 1st song but as time went by the whole crew rD, AyuCha and Risk got their own songs too. Stay Tuned for More Songs By US :D Thankz
Your influences?
Loonie, J skeelz, Flict G, G-fire, Gugolski, Ke-Te, DadosM, Curse One, Kawayan, Gagong Rapper, Andrew E., Francis M., Gloc 9, Ne-yo, Eminem, 50 cent, b12 productions, DaBarkadaz, Floetics, Mike Kosa, Luzon, Jrose, Young Mula Baby.
Favorite spot?
rD - Paco
Boy Topak - Pandacan
Risk - Pateros, Cainta, & Antipolo
Ayu Cha - Alexandria, Virginia
J Rey - San Diego, California!!!
CrOoKiE - Los Angeles, California!!!
Equipment used:
-AT2020 Audio Technica = CrOoKiE
-Samson CO1U = Risk
-Behringer C-1U = rD
-MXL 990 = J Rey
-Secret Program ;)
Jolibee Swag
PinoyFinestKrew @ NJ Summer '10
Ayu Cha
J Rey
Risk (Rapper)
rD (Rapper)
Ayu Cha (Rapper)
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