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play hi-fi  Rubber Made Girl
Why this name?
The band name came from the first name's initials of thE Hake Rock's founders Herny, Ariel, Herny, Iniaky
Do you play live?
yes we play live, in the whole country, we love this beautifull country, our home..
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
internet sometimes is a help, and sometimes is the hell!!!!
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
not yet...
Band History:
Hake Rock is a band formed by "Rockers Made in Argentina" based in Miami, they have shown that the power of desire and power of dreams can become true . Hake Rock currently is one of the best rock bands in Florida, United States, with a musical style which I think is very promising, while devastating, is a Rock band as it does not listen time on the radio; True Rock. Its five members Ariel Nan (Voice), Eiken (1st Guitar), Bruja (Drums), Vasko (2nd Guitar), Frank-o (Bass) came to this country makes 8 or 9 years ago, fleeing the catastrophic moment in the economy that lived at that time by Argentina, leaving behind many dreams anchored like that of so many people in that time and decided to move into this country, where he would begin the new campaign to try to have a much better future as music artists. With a sound that reminds in occasions the best time of Guns N 'Roses, with a voice that has all the main future ahead of becoming one of the best voices in the world of local rock, with guitar solos until madness, with one sound influenced, maybe, by Led Zepellin, or Aerosmith. Winners of several awards relating to world music (Paoli Award 2007, Paoli Awards 2008, Song of the Year 2007, Independent Music Awards Winner 2007, LA Music Award 2008, etc.), with countless television appearances (Telemundo, Americateve, Univision, Gentv,Telemiami, Mtv, Mun2, Megatv,etc), and radios (Clasica 92.1, Radio Caracol, Univision Radio, Radio al Mundo, Etc), with fans across the continent they fill their websites with freaking messages, and above all, with humility drawn from the neighborhood, in Argentina that represent them away from here with dignity. Hake Rock has been running for two freaking cd's edited, the first one in 2006 titled "Rebel- aciones"( recorded in Audiolounge Studios); and now for the 2008 "Play" (actually working with The promising company KickAss Records); in the second you can feel the evolution of the band, with a sound renewed, with interesting instrumental work, striking lyrics like " Rubber Made Girl", "Poximan", "Morphine "," Wild King", and "Cannibales " already are issuing radios in Spain, Mexico, USA and Argentina. Hake Rock that nevertheless continues to seek a dream that this is already becoming a reality ..
Your influences?
waw. many
Guns N' Roses, Avenged Sevendfold, Disturb, Tool, Metallica, Velvet Revolver, etc, etc ,etc
Favorite spot?
Our favorite spot is in USA,,all the country!!!!!
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