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Tony Marinacci
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Here We Go (redux)
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Written by: Tony Marinacci, a Producer, Songwriter & Musician based out of Pittsburgh, PA. plays all the instruments. Featuring: Justan Mackowski (Rap) & Phyllis Wellons (Lead Vocals) With: Nicole Francis (Background Vocals). Just a video we started
Stacked Up Michael
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Tony Marinacci is a professional producer, songwriter and musician. Currently, he runs an entertainment company - Total Music & Entertainment, multimedia recording studio and BMI affiliated music publishing company. Based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, he is from one of the most accomplished and respected entertainment families to come from the area. Though his experience covers nearly every aspect of the entertainment industry, he has gained the most recognition as an audio engineer for major concerts and a wide range of world-class productions. His services are highly sought after by many live entertainment companies. His extensive studio capabilities also have him in very high demand.

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Why this name?
Since I'm the main member, I figured what-the-heck ...
Do you play live?
On occasion, it's tough because I run a very busy company. I'm mainly a songwriter and a producer - not really into that whole "artist" thang.
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
Good for listeners - bad for the commercial industry.

Being a Music Publisher and a Songwriter gives me a very unique view. On the one hand - as a Publisher, I have seen our negotiations on commercial material (standard radio songs) drop considerably. This is a negative to Writers. It does allow us to deliver content to prospective buyers much more quickly and inexpensively.

A positive aspect is that it allows our writers to deliver material to the public and develop a fan base, as well as, release previews for mass feedback. It also allows us to release material in commercial forms to generate funds for our Writers. This also leads to the problems that labels have as it is very difficult to protect the Writer's material.
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
Yes! There is MADD overhead in this biz. Also, CD's gotta get made and to the stores.
Band History:
You can see my whole bio on my page at my main site.
Your influences?
I grew up in the biz. Started luvin Zep as my first rock band. I've done sound for a lot of people. From Tony Orlando and Dawn to Bon Jovi to Andy Williams to U2. I appreciated them all. My company Total Music & Entertainment has done all kinds of jobs for so many different productions that I think I could take a little from most of those experiences.
Favorite spot?
coming across the Ft Pitt bridge inbound to Pittsburgh after a long road-trip. Point Doom, Cali. New Orleans - French Quarter.
Equipment used:
Pro Tools, Sonar, SoundForge, some plugins and I'm good to go!
Here We Go
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