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The Qube - On The Road To Hell
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explicit lyrics
Indoctrination-a 3 CD Spoken word / soundscape adventure and Experimental Feature Film exploring intelligent design, the evolution of man's spirituality and his compassion for humanity, while destroying himself and the world due to character flaws.
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The Qube
Tue Dec 08, 2009
Rock : Psychedelic Rock
Take charge
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About the song
Dan Biholar - Spoken Words
Michael Bartsch , Darryl Miller - Music
Chris Gavin- Bass guitar
Darryl Miller - Sound design, mix , vocal editor.

This is a one song rough cut from a 3 CD soundscape adventure and feature film in post production.
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There's a path that runs along the beach into the desert. Such a strange contradiction. Endless desert in front of an endless beach and an endless ocean in an endless world in an endless blue sky. So blue,blue, blue, blue, and the endless dry dock that goes out for hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of feet into the ocean. We arrived by pontoon plane. Me and my group. They seemed only there to guide me and I was the assassin. I kill and I'm fed the drugs I need. Blue crystals, drip black blood. Black blood is the drug that my body craves. Crystals, I've never seen anything like it. You could crush them, snort it, or you could take it and press it to your veins, in the crook of your arm, the vena cava major or the vena cava minor, those are your main lines, those of you who know not what I speak of, and the body would sort of just open up, the skin would spread apart, suck it in, and you'd see this shape like a big worm going into your skin and going up your arm, Me and my God ! Talk about Kissing God. I've seen God's face, God's face.