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play hi-fi  Half empty glass man
play hi-fi  A two grand wager (Brian Ralston)
play hi-fi  All I need is in your heart (feat Sarah White)
play hi-fi  All I need is in your heart (feat RedEyeC)
play hi-fi  All I need Is in your heart.MUSIC
play hi-fi  As the tidal wave rolled in (Nad Sylvan)
play hi-fi  Back to basics now
play hi-fi  Back to basics now. MUSIC
play hi-fi  Come my sweet Emma (Matt Yearbook)
play hi-fi  Don't need no extras (Erik Kuhn)
12 Sept...Many thanks to BBC Radio Cumbria for another play, as it generated a huge number (for me) of plays here at Soundclick.


A couple of my songs have kindly been played by TOM ROBINSON on
BBC RADIO 6 INTRODUCING and many others on different regional BBC stations
such as Radio Lancashire (by Joe Fish on his renowned Country show)

A Country duo CANDICE AND NADINNE are making a name for themselves in Australian Country Music and have kindly performed my songs extensively.

"Where's the hand?" is kindly included on the website of the INTERNATIONAL WAR VETERANS POETRY ARCHIVE



"SEVEN SHADES OF GREY" is one of Paul Jefferys self-released albums and included on it are both of our co-writes "Money from the satisfied man" and "Through heartache and back"
The songs were produced by Jon Strong and the album is available at CD Baby

"The Man in Moon" was written with DiegoB of Germany and is on his album "ALL THESE YEARS" again at CD Baby HERE

"On my Kawasaki Dream" was written with RS Cain of the USA and is on his album "TWISTED TALES OF THE HONKY TONK MONKEY" also available at CD Baby HERE

Many sincere thanks to all.
Why this name?
I always like to be myself

Do you play live?
Would anyone REALLY want to hear my voice?
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
Especially with such as Youtube, it seems to give everyone a level playing field from which to pitch their talents.
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
Yes, yes and yes!....(after scrutiny of course)
Morris P Rainville USA
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