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we are without history if not for the history of struggle. what you have heard from us in the past was the history of the working class, the history of americana. we are now neither. while some of us work, and all of us recognize class war, that is to say the attack on the poor and the resistance to the rich, we are not a class. we are classless, nationless, even governmentless in our love. we have no representation but our ability to fight with joy and rage for our lives. the music we now play is and should be always, dangerous and violent. it is violent not in the way that the state is violent, but in the way the spring kills the winter. in the way that making love is violent. in the way that a song in a prison cell is violent. we are dangerous because we are not likened to compromise, but growth, not silence but rapture of suffering. the Rom people's have breathed into us, and we exhale to you. Let us f*** sh*** up together, and dance on the graves of capitalism.
Why this name?
great gay jew poet god of sorts Allen Ginsberg deemed everything to be holy!holy!holy! taking the world and it's splendor back from those who wish to contain us as marketable or unmarketable entities. we are all holy!
Do you play live?
we are nothing if not a live experience. throw your hands up scream your face off to the skies...I AM ALIVE!!! Catch us at your local collective space, protest and riot.
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
I think the more ways to communicate and share struggle, the better. All music, ideas, poetry, film and books should be free.
Band History:
holy!holy!holy! pays great respect to the past members who are no longer with us, Ian Fisher - the sexiest chipmunk in the tree is now in europe, being all euro. James - well....yeah, not so much. and Alex - well, Alex is eating a lot of weird things in weird ways and loving it all, but no longer is in the crew. We welcome in the new members, all 7 new ones. Angela on boob piano, Dominique on Viola, Amanda on Violin, Cooperstone the Mighty on Guitar, Jake the Jew on bass, Ellen on sean's tamborine and vox, Mic on Drums, and sometimes there are more. if you have a voice be heard, and again for those with no voice, louder.
We have toured the country once and are touring again twice this year.
Your influences?
woody guthrie, odetta, gogol bordello, tarik de haidouks, the psalters, rebel diaz, krs-one, david rovics, dirty fist!, hayduke lives!, propagandhi, each other, and more more more
Favorite spot?
where we can feel the earth and shake the chains
Equipment used:
voice, bouzouki, banjo, mandolin, guitar, viola, violin, bass, tambourine, drums, accordion, chains, hands, banners, chants, riots
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